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VW Transmisions: How to change the Transmission Fluid.

This is a basic overview of the procedure involved when flushing Volkswagen automatic transmission fluid. You can follow these directions or you may need a replacement transmission sooner than later.

How To Change VW Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) For:
VW Passat 4 speed & 5 speed Models
and some VW Jetta, Golf, and Beetle Models 4 speed Models

  • Flushing your VW automatic transmission fluid should always be done in conjunction with the automatic filter replacement.
  • Refer to the factory Bentley manual for genuine OEM VW automatic transmission fluid instructions.
  • We recommend having a A.S.E. certified VW mechanic change your VW automatic transmission fluid.
  • Always wear gloves and safety goggles when handling any fluids.
  1. Make sure the vehicle is perfectly level.
  2. When the transmission fluid is still warm, but the vehicle has cooled down, remove the  transmission drain plug and drain the fluid into an appropriate container, so you van dispose of it properly.
  3. Remove the automatic transmission fluid oil pan.
  4. Clean the contamination out of the bottom of the transmission fluid oil pan. And clean the magnets too.
  5. Remove the VW automatic transmission filter.
  6. Install the new transmission filter and  pan gasket.
  7. Align the new automatic transmission oil pan gasket with the oil pan and install the oil pan.
  8. Remove the automatic transmission fluid oil pan fill plug.
  9. Using a high output pump  supplied with certain transmission filter kits, fill the oil pan with the VW automatic transmission fluid until in runs out.
  10. Reinstall the VW automatic transmission fluid oil fill plug hand tight.
  11. Start the car. With your foot pressed down on the brake pedal, shift the transmission selector in each gear for about 10 seconds. Note: Don’t drive the car.
  12. Remove the oil fill plug while the car is at an idle and add more VW automatic transmission fluid until it runs out. The final steps and procedures for topping off the VW automatic transmission fluid level will vary depending on VW model and year. It is critical to obtain the proper Volkswagen automatic transmission fluid level to prevent VW transmission shifting problems especially with Tiptronic transmissions.

Follow these instructions, which are from the factory manual and the chances are good you will get at least 200,000 miles out of your transmission. Fail to follow the directions, especially mileage and fluid type and you will need to know the company trying to help you avoid the need for good used VW Transmissions. Call @ 866-320-1182 for free quotes and get an education while you are at it.

Transmissions Repairs & Shops across the country.

One of our goals is to become the largest supplier of quality transmissions in the country. Our tremendous resources and network of qualified recycling facilities gives us outlets from New York to Washington State. We have been the choice of professional transmission repair shops for years and now we are expanding our assistance to anyone who needs a quality replacement transmission. One of the benefits of having sold so many transmissions to repair shops is that we get to know some of the better repair shops in those areas.

As I speak we are putting together a list of the best transmission repair shops and replacement shops in the many areas we sell our engines. Simply put, we feel that a quality product such as the used engines or transmissions we sell should be installed by the most competent shops. This serves two purposes.

The first purpose is that it insures your used or rebuilt transmission was installed correctly and all supporting systems were repaired or updated for maximum efficiency.

The other reason may seem self fulfilling, however when you sell a quality product as we do, it serves us well also to have a competent replacement shop do the installation. The net effect is that it lowers any installation problems dramatically, which makes the overall experience good for you, the consumer, and us, the supplier.

As far as I’m concerned quality begets quality and good repairs begets good repairs. Beget means “produces”, so when I say quality begets quality, I mean that people who instill quality into a product or service, helps to produce more and more quality for the service or product.

With that in mind if you have the need for one of our low mileage used transmissions, in the majority of cases we can recommend a local repair shop considered to be trustworthy and reliable. It goes hand in hand with selling transmissions to shops all over the country.

If you have a mechanic you trust, then go with that shop. If you want to give out a recommendation for that shop. Let us know in the comment box. We will be adding more and more automotive shops as we develop a list.

We welcome your inquiries about replacement transmissions and who is a reputable transmission installation shop in your town. has outperformed the competition in the replacement transmission field by always thinking a step ahead of everyone else. When you need any sort of replacement transmissions call us @ 866-320-1182 for a free quote and advise on which one of our particular transmissions is in your best interest.

Mopar Transmissions For Sale Below Cost. TF 904, 998, and 999

Three-speed Dodge/Chrysler/Mopar transmissions can be broken down into two groups: The light-duty 904 transmissions and the heavy-duty 727 series of transmissions. The 904 made its debut in 1960 and the 727 hit the scene in 1962. We’ve always found it interesting that Mopar was the lone car company to make a three-speed automatic transmission standard on all cars rather than offer it as a higher priced option.

Generally speaking, the 904 and its derivatives are considered some of the most mechanically efficient automatic transmissions offered to the American public.

Introduced in 1960, the light-duty TorqueFlite came in three basic designations–the TF. The 904 was equipped with three direct friction plates, the 998 had four, and the 999 came with either four or five. They are otherwise dimensionally identical, and beginning in 1980 all were offered with a low gear set (2.74 First and 1.54 Second) as standard equipment. TorqueFlites were also used in some American Motors automobiles from 1972 until AMC’s demise, and they even made an appearance in some import applications, including Mitsubishi’s. But there are certain inherent design drawbacks with the light-duty TorqueFlite. A particularly weak link is the spindly, slotted front pump drive of the torque converter. The slots themselves are wide for ease of installation, but the resulting sloppy engagement makes the drive prone to cracking.

The torque converter issues have been solved, with that in mind this is a prime unit to replace with a rebuilt transmission when you have a failure. The transmissions we supply have the upgraded torque converters and are surprisingly inexpensive, making then quite a value.

In my 30plus years of making a living in the transmission industry, this has to be one of the simplest and easiest transmissions to rebuild, combine that with a tremendous amount of the Mopar-Chrysler transmission produced since 1960, it is easy to see why we can produce the best transmissions on the market and keep the price affordable. Call now @ 866-320-1182 for some solid advise on how to buy the transmission that is in your best interest.

Volkswagen Transmissions: Changing Your VW Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) IS Important!

Some authorities on transmissions suggest that you don’t need to change your VW’s automatic transmission fluid.  Simply put, I feel this is a recipe for disaster. A VW automatic transmission has hundreds of moving components inside of it, such as needle bearings, pressure pumps, clutch packs, servo pistons and seals. These internal components mesh with one another, begin to wear, and create finite metallic particles which contaminate the VW automatic transmission fluid. Over time, the VW automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and paper filament transmission filter become contaminated with these particles. New transmission fluid is nearly clear in color. If you’ve ever seen the dark color of old transmission fluid (approximately 30,000 miles), you’ll agree that it seems very logical that changing the VW automatic transmission fluid and filter are needed.

Volkswagen transmission fluid is unique to the VW and Audi Cars.

Note: We had a customer who was complaining of shifting problems when the transmission was cold. After changing the Audi automatic transmission fluid with our fluid and filter kit the customer reported that his transmission shifting problems were gone. If you have an VW Tiptronic transmission shifting problem, we recommend changing your automatic transmission fluid and filter as a first step in trying to solve the problem.

Automatic transmission fluid levels should be checked at regular intervals. The intervals depend on your VW’s operating conditions. The VW automatic transmission fluid and filter should be serviced every 30,000 miles when driving in heavy city, hot weather, trailer pulling, and other severe driving conditions. The 50,000 miles change interval applies to those who mainly put on highway miles. VW automatic transmission fluid and filter service is great preventive maintenance and is much more logical and inexpensive than replacing a $8,000 VW transmission.

Print this out, bookmark this page, or write it down. You may be looking for rebuilt VW transmissions, if the wrong fluid is in your transmission, or you neglect to change it, which may be why you are reading this article. A service of @ 866-320-1182.

Volkswagen aka VW Transmissions need Special ATF..

Changing your Volkwagens Transmissions fluid is the single most important preventive maintenance procedure for the transmission, and yet for many VW owners seems to be the most ignored area! changing your fluids at the proper intervals can get your VW to 220,000 miles and more. VW automatic transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles (city) – 50,000 (highway).  Changing your VW automatic transmission fluid helps extend the life of your transmission.

The factory fill uses Pentosin Brand ATF. The original vehicle factory manuals suggest Dexron III VW automatic transmission fluid, others recommend VW automatic transmission fluid meeting Audi VW specification TL52162 . It seems that the factory began to indicate changes in fluid recommendations with vehicles manufactured in 1995.

Starting around 2001 semi-synthetic VW part number G 052 990 A2 automatic transmission fluid started being used in 09A series transverse mounted 5 speed  VW Tiptronic transmissions. Around 2002 Pentosin G 052 182 A2 fluid (Factory fill) was used in 6 speed models with direct shift automatic gearbox (DSG) double clutch transmissions code 02E. All customers should check there VW owners manual or VW factory service manual for what ATF is recommended for use in their vehicle. Starting in 2005 VW 09G series 6 speed transmissions (non DSG) used G 055 025 A2 ATF.

All customers should check there VW owners manual or VW factory service manual for what ATF is recommended for use in their vehicle.

Why do we say that changing the Vw automatic transmission fluid (ATF) extends the life of your transmission? I have witnessed in our own service shop that regular transmission fluid maintenance can do. The biggest difference we’ve seen is the elimination of shift problems in VW tiptronic transmissions due to old transmission fluid and filter. Remember, you should always change the VW automatic transmission filter every time you do a fluid change. Why contaminate clean fluid with the sediment that is smelly and dark red in an old automatic transmission filter?

Simply put, transmission maintenance is the single most important factor in transmission life. Regardless of why you are reading this, let me make this clear: If for some reason you needed to replace the transmission in your VW, has been outperforming the transmission supply competition by making sure you get the proper information and education in order to make good decisions. For the best replacement transmissions, wioth a guarantee to back it up, at affordable prices, Call us now @ 866-320-1182 for a lesson in VW transmissions, our experience staff will be glad to answer it.

It took a long time to compile the lists and part numbers of the above products, please bookmark this page for later purposes.

Chrysler Transmissions: TF606/42LE Front Wheel Drive-Discounted…

The Chrysler Transmissions called the 42LE was an upgraded version of the 604/41TE modified for longitudinal engines (front to back, not sideways or transverse). It debuted in 1993 on the LH cars. It is strengthened with a reworked final drive unit, barreled axle shafts, and upgraded clutch packs. The major modification to a North-South (longitudinal) drivetrain while maintaining front wheel drive was accomplished by adding a differential to the transmission case, which was driven by means of a transfer chain.

A few of it’s many applications are:

  • 1999-2004 Chrysler 300M
  • 1993-2004 Chrysler Concorde
  • 1994-2001 Chrysler LHS
  • 2001-2002 Chrysler Prowler (Rear Mounted)
  • 1994-1996 Chrysler New Yorker
  • 1993-2004 Dodge Intrepid

Proven to be a solid transmission when using the correct transmission fluid, which can only be purchased at the dealer, and changing the AT Fluid at factory intervals or less. One of the few improvents to ths unit is to install a shift upgrade kit. A shift upgrade kit eliminates shift problems and early failures. The nice thing about the shift upgrade kits is that they can be installed in good working used transmissions as well as when a tramnsmission is rebuilt.

One of the reasons we can perform at such a high level is that we put our money in the small stuff like shift upgrade kits in our transmissions. We build confidence by providing superior replacement transmissions, not a bunch of advertising. Our used transmissions almost all have less than 50,000 miles on them.

For more information call @ 1-877-2688-0664 for a free quote and some solid advise in terms you understand.

Dodge Caravan Transmissions Cheap: Clean with Low mileage

The overdrive Dodge transmissions used in the Caravan is called a Torque Flight or (TF) 604 or 41TE, which is the manufacturers technical name. There are 4 different types of  these transmission variations. The differences between the types are the bell housing bolt pattern and valve body assemblies. The first type was used for the 2.5 L engine, second type for the 6G72 V6, third type for the 3.3 L and 3.8 L V6s and the fourth type for the 2.0 L and 2.4 L engines.

The A604 was the start of a new generation of automatic overdrive transmissions for Chrysler Corporation. It was the first electronically shifted hydraulic automatic transmission that used “self-learning” logic to mimic the driver’s habits and to learn to adapt its shifting pattern to match the expected driver “request” (the computer is programmed to vary the harshness and speed of the shifts to adapt to the driver, instead of the driver learning to adapt to the transmission shift points).

No other manufacturer had ever attempted to replace the shift shuttle valves and servos in their transmissions with electric solenoids under computer control – designing the transmission so that a limp home mode was still intact if the solenoids failed.

The transmissions do not have a valve body, technically, since the solenoids control the flow of automatic transmission fluid directly and not shift shuttle valves in the valve body, or brain of the transmission.

Chrysler put on over 3 million miles of testing for reliability on the A604 before it was released to the public. This was when the lubrication issues with Dexron ll were first realized and the ATF+3 , and then ATF+4 was developed. Care was taken to mention this in the owners manuals to show that proper oil must be used to prevent breakdowns. Most folks don’t read the manual or go to a lube shop that changes the fluid with the wrong type, causing early failures.

This was a new oil to the public at the time, it was not available at the corner oil change place. The public thought that ATF was all the same. Even some dealers were ignorant of this issue of oil type and propagated this myth that started the ball rolling on the poor public perception of the A604.

It turns out to be a good unit if it is properly serviced with the correct fluid at the proper intervals. At we have put extra effort into locating the cream of the crop in used and rebuilt transmissions. All have been checked to make sure the mileage is less than 50,000, and we make sure it has always had the proper ATF in it, or we reject it. For a trusty reliable used Caravan TF 604 transmission Call us now @ 866-320-1182.

2002 Ford Explorer Transmissions: Worst Transmission award..

The Ford Explorer, from the time Ford introduced it in 1990 through the most current models has used a variation of the A4LD Ford Transmissions exclusively. Throughout the explorers existence the A4LD used from 1991 to 1994 which evolved into a 4R55e in 1995 was used from 1995–2001 and 1995-2003 in the Sport, finally 2001-2005 for the Sport Trac.

As a lifetime transmission rebuilder,  (I owned and operated a successful transmission shop from 1981 to 2006) it did not take long to realize the A4LD was a transmission full of weaknesses and endless problems. Eventually several of the top transmission upgrade kit companies along with rebuilders of the highest caliber started to find ways to improve the A4LD.Simply put, this early Ford overdrive had poor design and structural integrity.

By the time Ford introduced a computerized version of the A4LD, called the 4R55E, by and large the problems had been worked out of the original A4LD transmission. For the record that was never a great transmission, the A4LD, in my opinion it was the worst automatic transmission ever made. ( although transmission shops loved them!).

My word of advise in the pursuit of a used A4LD Ford transmission is don’t do it, or be carefull who you buy it from.

FYI: This is a good time to mention our exclusive labor guarantee. If purchased (very affordable) with your used transmission, it will cover the labor to swap out a problem unit for another one for free, anywhere in the country. In essence, you have a nationwide warranty.

If you happen to be one of the lucky souls with a broken down A4LD transmission, my personal recommendation would be to buy a rebuilt Ford transmission with the most current upgrades. Without the upgrades included in a rebuilt explorer transmission, you are climbing a greased tree. You will need another one soon after the warranty. BTW: This transmission was used in Ford Ranger pickups and  the 4 cylinder Ford 4 cylinder and v-6 vehicles. There are plenty of them on the road.

Call @ 866-320-1182 for all of your choices in A4LD transmissions. If any transmission supply company has low mileage used transmissions, they do. You may be surprised at how cost effective one of their transmissions costs. Call them now or bookmark this page. Someday you will be happy you did.

Toyota Transmissions: Model A-140E for sale, very affordable prices.

Of all the Toyota Transmissions, we are most likely speaking of the Model A-140E. It was the first front wheel drive overdrive transmission used by Toyota in abundance.

Question: I have a 1987 Toyota Camry. It has a 4 cylinder engine with automatic transmission and 285,000 miles. It has fuel injection, P/S and A/C. I’ve been having a problem with the transmission shifting. It is an intermittent problem. Most notably, sometimes when I pull out, it shifts from low right into overdrive and sometime it won’t come out of overdrive when on the highway.

Possibilities: With 285,000 miles on your automatic transmission you probably are starting to feel the effects of the large amount of mileage on your transmission. Realistically speaking, this is about the high side of the lifespan of an automatic transmission.

Essentially you only have a few choices in this matter. First off, I would quit asking people on a forum what to do. Most of those folks don’t know anymore about transmissions than you do. The first thing you need to do is have your transmission diagnosed by a competent transmission mechanic. After you get the diagnosis than you can decide on a solution.

Your best bet is that your transmission is worn out. The best suggestion in this case is to buy a good used transmission with low mileage. Then have a professional transmission shop install it in the proper manner. A car this old does not warrant a rebuilt transmission.

With that being said, is the largest supplier of transmissions for Japanese cars in the USA. Call us @ 866-320-1182 for a free quote. We are prepared to offer the necessary amount of information in order to help you make a decision that is in your best choice.

Prevent the need for a Replacement Transmission with Maintenance.

Here are some suggestions that will help to extend the life and increase the durability of your automatic transmission.

These things are especially important for severe duty applications, but are also applicable to almost all vehicles.

1) Check your transmission fluid level regularly- although fairly obvious, many people neglect to do this- or do this wrong.

Consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual if you are unsure as to how to do this correctly, as it can vary between different vehicles.

If you need to add fluid, it is always indicative of a leak. Unlike motor oil, your transmission fluid level can only go down if you are losing it somehow.

2) Service your transmission regularly- transmission fluid breaks down in the same way that motor oil does, but this is a step in preventive maintenance that is often ignored.

I’ve rebuilt countless transmissions over the years that clearly were never properly maintained- many of them had never had a single fluid and filter change.

Many manufacturers have different recommendations on the service intervals, but I recommend that this be done once a year or every 15- 20,000 miles.

3) Install an external transmission cooler- you’ve all heard the cliché that heat is the number one cause of transmission failure, well it’s true.

A reduction of 20 degrees in your transmission fluid temperature can double the life of the unit.

When shopping for a cooler, a stacked plate design is far superior to a “tube and fin” type. If you’re going to go through the trouble of installing one, you may as well put on the best kind.

On this same subject, it is also always a good idea to insure that your vehicle’s cooling system is in optimum condition- most automatics utilize a fluid to antifreeze heat exchanger that is built into the radiator.

4) Install a transmission temperature gauge- with a gauge you will be able to tell when your trans is getting hot before it’s toolate.

5) Add a friction modifier- there are a few excellent products that can be added to your automatic trans that will significantly increase the life of the transmission. I recommend the products that are made by LubeGard.

On the same subject, avoid at all costs the auto parts store “mechanic in a can” and “stop leak” type products- they are mostly seal swelling agents and will usually harm the trans rather than help it.

6) Install an in line cooler filter- most automatics have some type of filter, however, there is always room for improvement.

Factory filters vary in effectiveness; many transmissions use something that isn’t much better than pouring the fluid through a screen door.

The idea is to eliminate contaminants such as small metal particles and loose debris as effectively as possible.

In line filters are inexpensive, easy to install, and are highly effective in removing damaging contaminants from the transmission fluid.

I recommend the ones made by Magnafine and Filtran- in addition to their filter element, both of these products have a bypass valve in case they become clogged and also an internal magnet to further aid in trapping ferrous debris.

7) Use a synthetic based fluid- automatic transmission fluid serves many functions. It provides cooling and lubrication, it is the hydraulic fluid that applies the clutches and bands, and it even “drives” the car through the fluidic coupling that occurs in the torque converter.

It stands to reason that a synthetic fluid is much less susceptible to breakdown, a better lubricant, reduces friction and also has the capability of reducing operating temperatures.

More importantly, in cases of extreme cold and extreme heat, fluid made with a synthetic base stock is much more stable from a viscosity standpoint. If you don’t believe me, try to pour “dinosaur” oil out of a container at -10 Fahrenheit- it’s not exactly going to serve very well as a lubricant when it’s the consistency of Jell-O.

8) Check transmission problems promptly- most transmission problems start out small and will get worse over time. Often times, major repairs can be avoided by taking care of a problem early on.

If you see a warning light on the dash, see a few drops of fluid in the driveway or even just have a feeling that something isn’t quite right, there is no better time than the present to get it checked out.

9) Install a shift kit or modified valve body- while normally thought of as a “high performance” modification, almost any vehicle will benefit from shortening the shift time, reducing overlap and “cleaning up” the shift quality. This in turn reduces heat and also reduces wear on the clutches and bands.

Many of these modifications also address certain factory design shortcomings and eliminate common drivability complaints.

Most of the better engineered products have shift quality settings that are adjustable to achieve a result that is appropriate for the intended usage. The person with an 11 second rocket will have different needs than the person who occasionally tows a trailer with his SUV.

Book mark or print this page for your current ans future maintenance or service procedures. If you need a replacement transmission, Call @ 866-320-1182 for a free quote and solid advise.