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Acura RDX Transmissions for Sale

Acura decided to introduce a luxury sporty compact crossover SUV in 2006. The chassis code is TB1. The RDX is a 5 door vehicle. It is built on a front wheel drive platform and only has one transmission option. The RDX also uses Acura’s Super Handling All Wheel Drive transmission arrangement [SH-AWD}, which has a transfer case capable of varying the torque between the front and rear axles.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia explaining how the system works,

”The system can vary the front/rear torque distribution from 90/10 to 30/70, depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating, cruising, hill climbing, taking a curve, or encountering poor road conditions. When taking a curve, a pair of magnetic flux clutches in the rear differential can transfer as much as 100% of the available rear torque to the outside wheel. That torque transfer, combined with a 1.7% rear over-rotation of the rear wheel helps rotate the RDX through a turn”. From Wikipedia.

Acura transmissions are nearly identical to Honda transmissions. They are unique in design. I think they are an exceptional transmission. It does not guarantee that some won’t fail for many different reasons. Some reasons may be out of the drivers control. One of the few complaints I have heard about said transmissions are what is called a torque converter shudder.

What that feels like is running over a mild washboard at 45 to 60 mph under gentle acceleration. Sometimes this is caused by using the wrong transmission fluid. It is critical to use factory transmission fluid only. Sometimes transmission fluid need changing too, if the additives go bad it can cause a chatter and early failure.

In some cases, a chatter or miss-performing transmission needs to be reprogrammed by the dealer. The bottom line comes if you need an Acura RDX Transmission for Sale. It happens on occasion, and it’s a bad spot to be in for the average person. No one wants to pay dealership prices.

The smart thing to do is to call GotTransmissions.com and speak with a trained professional about your situation. With a variety of solutions available to you, a specialist will listen to your problems and explain in understandable detail how to choose a replacement transmission that fits your bill.

Of course our prices beat the dealer by a mile, and there is no sacrifice in quality if you buy one of our precision transmissions. For those on a budget we offer top quality used transmissions with low mileage. You make the choice after we provide the education.

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