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Acura ZDX Transmissions For Sale

The Acura ZDX is powered by a spicy V-6 engine which is hooked to a technologically advanced 6-speed automatic transmission. Introduced in 2010 by Acura,the ZDX is a mid sized luxury hatchback built on a front wheel drive platform, with all wheel drive available. The most advanced transmission Acura has ever produced. GotTransmissions.com has Acura ZDX Transmissions for sale for those unfortunates individuals who have had a failure.

The new Sequential SportShift 6-speed automatic redefines launch/takeoff-feel, acceleration performance and fuel efficiency. Compared to the 5-speed transmissions used with other V-6 engines in the Acura line [Vigor], the ZDX automatic transmission has lower gear ratios in first through fifth gears. The lower gear ratios add more low end acceleration and pulling power. The new sixth gear ratio is taller [higher in ratio] [more overdrive] than the top gear in Acura’s 5-speed V-6 automatic transmissions. The higher final gear allows for a glass smooth slow cruising, engine, transmission and fuel savings, rpm level.

The Sequential SportShift 6-speed transmission can be operated in two fully automatic modes with the console-mounted straight-gate shifter. The D, [Drive], mode is best suited for most driving situations. The S, [Sport], mode is for more performance oriented driving, and features more aggressive shift programs to keep engine rpm’s higher for greater acceleration and response.

It’s obvious Acura designed a transmission that suits every driving aspect of said vehicle. They wanted to successfully compete with other top line performance luxury cars by introducing a no holds barred car right off the bat.

Designing a front wheel drive car and a transmission to match said performance is not so easy. Being a front wheel drive vehicle the challenge of providing durability is the biggest obstacle. Acura met and defeated the problem head on with this new, super advanced design.

Not that the design is brand new, but the improvements to the design make it perfect for a super performance luxury car. Using the popular transverse mounting setup many other front wheel drive cars use, Acura took it to a new level with it’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive [SH-AWD], 19-inch, 7-spoke alloy wheels.

Do we expect to sell lots of ZDX transmissions? Not yet. We choose to offer Acura ZDX transmissions for sale so we are prepared for the unspoken facts that occur. The facts are, some people will drive enough to wear out their transmission, some people will have an unfortunate incident, where the fluid leaks out very fast a damages the transmission.

We don’t wish bad luck on anybody. Our staff is prepared to answer your questions, even maintenance questions, so you won’t need our services, or questions related to transmission replacement. What ever your reason, please feel free to call anytime for any reason. GotTransmissions.com is here to help educate our customers so they make the best decisions. Call right now. 866-320-1182.

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