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Porsche Boxster Automatic Transmission

Porsche Boxster Automatic Transmissions-Manumatic

Porsche Boxster Automatic Transmissions-Manumatic

The trade-name of the Porsche Boxster Automatic transmission is ‘Tiptronic’. It is not a type of transmission. We call the Tiptronic a ”manumatic” transmission type. Other manufacturers use manumatic transmissions too. People don’t really know what a manumatic is and make up a lot of fictitious things about manumatic transmissions. It is somewhat confusing. We happen to have a Porsche Boxster automatic transmission for sale, and I own a Porsche too [not a Boxster, a 1970 911S].

A manumatic transmission is really an automatic transmission with fancy, ”race bred” shifting options so you can use it fully automatically on the street, or you can control the transmission manually using the high technology shifter system, or do both depending on the situation.

The technology is complicated, but the idea is not. Generally speaking, manumatic transmissions, especially the Tiptronic S model, which was spiced up a bit over the straight up Tiptronic models used in the early Boxster also used an extremely complicated program in the main transmission computer. This is actually the brains of the whole setup.

The computer system ‘learns’ your driving style or habits on the fly from information collected as fast as a rocket ship and delivered to the computer from hundreds of inputs to make instant decisions on when and how to shift.

That is as complicated as I will get. Most Porsche owners that own a Porsche new enough to have a Tiptronic S transmission in it probably don’t care about the mechanical aspect as much as the driving aspect. Vintage Porsche owners care more about the technical details. Vintage owners have a different dynamic and budget to deal with.

When you own a car like a Boxster and something unexpected happens like a transmission failure, you should deal with a company that offers you the same paradigm. You expect quality products and extraordinary customer service when you own a Boxster.

Be treated the way you expect to be treated. And receive the product that meets the same level of precision as your car. Call one of our representatives and find out more about our full line of Porsche Boxster automatic transmissions, transmissions, used transmissions and new. Ready to ship within 24 hours to get you back on the road fast. GotTransmissions.com.

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