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BMW 745LI Transmissions for Sale

Looking for information on BMW 745LI Transmissions for Sale? For example, the 2005 745li came with a six-speed StepTronic overdrive transmission with a lock up torque converter. According to BMW, the StepTronic transmission is an automatic transmission designed to allow the driver to shift the transmission manually. The function is as easy as moving the gear selector lever sideways to enable StepTronic mode and then forward or backwards to up-shift or downshift through the gears.

The 6HP26Z transmission was used in BMW models e65, e66, e63, e60, 645i, 745i. It was the first six speed automatic transmission in a standard production car. The ZF 6HP26 uses a Lepelletier epicyclic/planetary gearset, which can provide more gear ratios with fewer components.

Note: Epicyclic gearing, AKA planetary gearing is a gear system used in most automatic transmissions, consisting of one or more outer [ring] gears, revolving about an internal central gear, or sun gear.

This means the ZF 6HP26 has the ability to command torque converter lock-up on all six forward gears, and release them completely when at a standstill, allowing closer fuel efficiency between automatic and manual transmissions.

It is important to note that the 745 is a rear wheel drive car. Also called a FR layout; front engine/rear wheel drive. Because BMW makes the car, it is anything but a conventional rear wheel drive setup. The original 745LI used a three or 4 speed automatic transmission, or a 4 speed or 5 speed manual transmission.

Time marches on and so does the integrity and engineering at Beemer. BMW makes a superior car. Assuming you are reading this because you are collecting information on transmissions or you had a transmission failure, we appreciate your presence.

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