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BMW 840ci Transmissions for Sale

One of the finest cars BMW made was their Series 8 lineup. Today we speak on the 840ci and BMW 840ci Transmissions for Sale, offered by GotTransmissions.com. The Series 8 was made from 1989 to 1999. Using a typical FR [front engine-rear wheel drive] layout, this car has a chassis code E31, which is nice to know if you are looking for a transmission.

The 840ci was available with a 5-speed automatic transmission, although European models were outfitted with a 6-speed manual transmission. The 840ci [V8] U.S. models were equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The transmission used is made by ZF Corporation. A brief description of operation;
A Computer-Controlled Continuously Variable Lockup Torque Converter is standard.
The Computer-Controlled TCM [transmission control module] sends signals from various input and output sensors to the Engine Management System which in turn powers the Long Ratio transmission, which uses a driver-Selectable sporty shifter.

Having rebuilt plenty of BMW 840ci transmissions during my 30 plus year career as a transmission shop owner/rebuilder, suffice it to say not any rebuilder has the competence to deal with such a sensitive and precision transmission.

My assumption is that you are reading this for, information, or you need a replacement transmission for a 840ci. Our best sellers are the rebuilt transmission lineup. I can tell you that BMW owners are selective about the products they use or buy. It is not an ordinary car.

Knowing this, the amount of detail and precision engineered into each component requires; A. the best rebuild parts available. We buy our rebuild kits and automatic transmission fluid from the dealer. BMW engineered the car, and I don’t see any reason to arbitrarily modify it. B. Intelligent, competent transmission rebuilders.

Lets put it this way. For the same price, would you choose a surgeon with poor credentials, or a surgeon with top credentials?

Well, not every transmission is rebuilt the same way. Some companies actually use low grade cheap parts with the hope of just making it out of warranty, for the same price we charge for a properly rebuilt transmission with a rebuilt torque converter.

My hope for those who need a replacement transmission for their BMW 840ci is to call GotTransmissions.com and enjoy the peace of mind built into our transmissions. You will feel the pure value the first time it shifts. Call now and speak with a qualified, trained transmission professional.

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