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BMW M5 Transmissions for Sale: E28, E34, E39, E60

Want to know a tiny piece of trivia most car buffs don’t know? The BMW M5 series, manufactured from 1989 to present times never offered an automatic transmission in the lineup? Wild, eh? Having been in the transmission rebuilding business for 30 plus years, I might be the only person alive to know that piece of trivia. GotTransmissions.com has BMW M5 transmissions for sale. Ready to ship ASAP. Nothing trivial about that.

Here we go:

All BMW model E28 [1985-1989] came equipped with a 5 speed standard transmission.

All BMW E34 models [1989-1995] came with a 5 speed or a six speed manual transmission.

All BMW E39 [1998-2005] M5s were equipped with a Getrag Type D six-speed manual transmission

All BWM model E60 [2005-current] are equipped with a 7 speed SMG [sequential manual gearbox], or a conventional 6 speed manual transmission.

The E60 models use several features inspired by F1 racing. Particularly the transmission controls. One such feature is called Launch control, The other feature is Dynamic stability control, giving the driver the option of changing to either automated or manual shifting [there are 11 shift programs are formatted for Drivelogic shifting commands].

FYI: F1 racing is a form of Indy car racing. Most people are familiar with the Indianapolis 500 car race. That is the type of car BMW derived the current Drivelogic transmission control system from.

It is clear that the M5 cars were designed to be comfortable, roomy and extraordinarily fast. Matching the correct transmission to each car is a result of factoring in a combination of engine power, car weight, rear axle ratio and tire size. The engineers at BMW decided to equip these cars with manual shift transmissions designed to shift smooth, take a beating and last a long time.

If you are here looking for information, feel free to examine our whole website. If you are looking for a replacement transmission, GotTransmissions.com embraces the same paradigms that BMW does, at least when it comes to quality.

For the finest in transmission replacement options, call a company that understands exactly what you need as a BMW driver. Every manual transmission we sell has pure value rebuilt right into it. Our warranty is designed to create peace of mind. For information regarding all options available at GotTransmissions.com, call now. And remember, some transmissions ship for free.

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