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BMW Transmissions: 5hp24 and 5hp19 Reverse Problems Cured.

BMW Transmissions for Sale

BMW Transmissions for Sale

Many owners of BMW’s, specifically with BMW transmissions in the 3, X3, or X5 cars have a common problem, they suddenly won’t go in reverse, and your dealership claims its unique.

According to Consumer Affairs, it is getting multiple complaints of transmission failure from BMW 3-Series, X3, and X5 owners. The complaints range from their vehicle hesitating or simply refusing to go into reverse. Costs for the repairs can easily exceed $4,000.

Yet what really outrage owners is BMW’s lackadaisical attitude towards their problems. The automaker, states that, because vehicles break down due to normal wear and tear, they feel they do not have to give “…an estimated life expectancy for components or parts of a vehicle,” and thus has made no attempt to reimburse the owners. It also states it’s unaware of any widespread issue with its vehicles’ transmission.

Note: I did my homework, I could not find any aftermarket made update kits to solve this problem. The best companies who manufacture upgrade kits to eliminate problems such as this have not come out with effective kits yet. The answer below is the best solution to this problem. Bear in mind, that in order to save the need for a rebuilt transmission, at the first hint of a reverse problem with your transmission, have it diagnosed and fixed ASAP by the dealer.

Answer: I am a regional distributor for ZF industries. I have all the necessary inventory to repair all of the complaints on the 5hp24 and the 5hp19 at a much more better value than what I’ve seen on your website. I can also supply you information on what is causing the failures. You can reach me by email or call my cell phone 619-322-3065. All calls concerning questions about ZF transmissions or BMWs in general are welcome. You can reference my credentials on the ZF website. I’ve done over 200 repairs on the 5hp19 reverse problem alone. I was informed of your website by a customer that just had their 5hp19 reverse repaired at our shop. My website is dosebmw.com. Unfortunately, we are currently updating the website so it won’t be available to view for a couple of weeks. Please feel free to contact me or have any of your complainants contact me at any time.
Thank You,
Steve Dose – President Dose BMW service, Inc.

One thing you can bet on is that all transmissions, BMW designates 5hp24 or 5hp19 sold by GotTransmissions.com has the latest updates available. At this time the above updates are the most effective ones on the market. Call now and speak with a courteous representative who has the time to answer your questions in terms you will understand. 866-320-1182.

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