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Buy BMW X3 Transmissions and Drive Line Parts

A compact crossover sports utility vehicle made by BMW, the X3 was introduced in 2004. BMW likes to put their own name tags on vehicles, thus it is marketed as a SAV, sports activity vehicle. It’s really a 4 door station wagon looking ride with typical Bimmer body lines and a neat transmission-drive-line feature called BMW xDrive.

I want to talk about xDrive in a minute, the first generation X3 made from 2003 to 2010 used a 6 speed automatic overdrive transmission. Second generation X3 models used 8 speed automatic transmissions. Also offered is a 6 speed manual transmission.

Buy BMW X3 Transmissions and Drive Line Parts at everyday low prices, no gimmicks or add-ons. sells complete transmissions, all automatic units come with the torque converter. All rebuilt manual transmissions use genuine original German parts.

The basic chassis design is what we call a longitudinal design in the industry. That means the engine and transmission are mounted up front, and the rear differential is in the back. A driveshaft transmits power to the rear differential.

In the four wheel drive models, a transfer case is mounted to the transmission, and a front drive axle is used up front. The transfer case effectively splits the power between the front and rear differentials. xDrive is a fancy name for a tried and true system.

The transfer case in xDrive had a power splitting differential inside it. This splits the power evenly and seamlessly in slippery situations. It’s a very well designed system that works right on the spot to avoid dangerous situations. I hear rave reviews from customers on xDrive.

The transmissions used in the automatic versions are very hi technology units with plenty of forward gears. Taking advantage of the engines power with better control and addiing more fuel mileage with an extreme overdrive ratio. FYI: This low RPM performance adds life to the engine as well. The purpose of adding gears to the transmission to to provide the optimal engine speed for any driving speed.

It all sounds so complicated, and it is. You don’t need a degree in transmissions to choose the best one for your needs. You do need a certain amount of education though. Don’t fool yourself, let us provide that information for free. We want you to choose the best replacement transmission too.

It only makes sense to call one our professional staff members and discuss your needs with someone who really understands the business and how to help people out with transmission problems. Replacing your X3 transmission is not a light decision to make. The best unit becomes the least expensive one in this case.

Although selling used transmissions and crate transmissions are two of our options, we recommend our transmissions as your best value for the money. It’s also the GREEN way to go. So call 866-320-1182 and find out why is “Where our customers send their friends”.

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