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Buy Transmissions: Chevy 4L60E Transmissions For Sale Cheap.

The 4L60E Chevy transmissions may be one of the best transmissions ever built, not to mention their popularity has grown over the years. Speaking of the good things about the 4l60E transmissions, it’s predecessor the 700R4 was the first highly successful automatic overdrive transmission made. The 700 is a legend amongst people looking for a durable, versatile automatic overdrive transmission to replace a 3 speed automatic transmission in a car they want to improve gas mileage and engine life in and keep the car.

The 4L60E is the first fully computerized version of the 700R4 transmission to be made. Essentially it is a 7ooR4 that has a different valve body and several input sensors in the case. Using a transmission control unit to give the transmission commands. Most of the mechanical upgrades designed to increase the overall strength of the 700R4 and 4L60E are interchangeable back and forth. Allowing both units to share the best upgrades, producing a bullet proof transmission.

With the advent and continuing research and development for these transmissions by the best research and development companies, upgrade kits, which work on the brain of the transmission primarily, or valve body, allow for cleaner more obvious shifts, more lubrication flow throughout the inside of the transmission and updates to areas that will show up when you exceed the mileage the original unit achieved. It will last longer.

Using a quality brand of synthetic automatic transmission fluid (ATF) like Mobil One or the equivalent is one of the small secrets that is essentially the icing on the cake. In reality it is not much of a secret anymore, the big problem is shops who don’t use synthetic fluids because they cost too much. Believe me, it costs a lot more in the short or long term to use conventional fluids.

You add up the updates, the better quality parts and synthetic ATF and you have a recipe for an excellent working, long lasting transmission that exceeds every expectation you ever had on a rebuilt transmission. Call GotTransmissions.com @ 866-320-1182 for more information on a replacement transmission that is in your best interests, explained to you in terms you will understand.

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