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Buy Work Truck Transmissions With an Attitude.

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If you need a work truck transmission for your truck, than you need a rebuilt transmission with an attitude. What I mean is the transmission you need has to be prepared to do the type of work you need done and at the end of the day ask you, ”is that all you got today’‘? That is a transmission with an attitude.

We specialize in custom transmissions with attitude problems. When I say an attitude problem, I mean it has an attitude about wanting to work harder for you and not even let you know that it is exceeding every expectation you had for it, in essence, you forget about your transmission because it works so good and is trouble free.

What is wrong with the above statement. You can’t forget about your transmission because it needs maintenance. Like your engine the transmission has to have the fluid or oil changed periodically. Whatever the maintenance requirement is for your vehicle, you should shorten the mileage by 20% to 25% for your transmission service. So, if the manual says to change the fluid at 60,000 miles, deduct 20% from 60,000 miles and you have 12,000 miles. So that equals 48,000 miles as a good interval for maintenance. Service costs a lot less than replacement transmissions.

It is good to error on the low side of mileage. If the work you do is abusive, you may want to change the fluid more often, Transmission fluid is basically a 27 additive package added to a 15 weight oil. So then, the oil weight of tranny fluid is thin and can ”burn”, overheat easily because of that. Which is why you want to keep an eye on the transmission fluid of a work truck or a pizza delivery car.

Back to custom transmissions with an attitude. Here is how our transmissions develop a heavy duty work attitude. You might even call our work transmissions workaholics. Our work transmissions are rebuilt using clutch plates designed to grab harder for a more aggressive shift and last longer. We also install very technical update kits which improve lubrication qualities, shift quality and eliminates all known issues that can cause premature transmission failures.

If what we have to offer in terms of transmissions being tailored for a specific use is of interest to you, perhaps reading more on their subject in our blog will clarify any concerns you have. You have the option of calling us to if you want to speak with an expert on getting you out fitted with the best replacement transmission, Call @ 866-320-1182.

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