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Lincoln Mark VII Transmission for Sale

Many firsts happened with Ford due to its design and development through the years. Automatic transmissions were nothing new to the auto world until Ford created its version that made everyone stop and stare. The AOD transmission was specially made for overdrive. It gave economy where other transmissions didn’t and only four gears were required [...]

Replacement Transmissions: Rebuilt Lincoln MKX

The Lincoln MKX is a crossover utility vehicle [CUV], it is true luxury in a mid-sized vehicle. It resembles Ford’s Edge, sharing the same platform. Called Ford’s CD-3 platform chassis, it is the basis of a front wheel drive, four wheel drive/ front engine design. The only transmission offered in the MKX is a 6 [...]

Lincoln MKZ Transmissions for Sale

The MKZ was brought out in 2006 to compete in the lower end luxury car field. It is a mid sized 4 door sedan built on the Mazda CD3 platform. Ford and Mazda use many interchangeable components in certain cars. It is still in production, and Lincoln kept the choices of transmissions quite simple. Only [...]