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Buy a Subaru Outback Transmission for less.

My first experience with a Subaru Outback was when the first commercials came out with Crocodile Dundee as a spokesperson. I loved those movies. The car or SUV as it is known to be, is a crossover design, meaning it will navigate the highways with grace and with the flick of a lever, you can [...]

Reman Subaru Transmission for Sale

When someone asks me how would you decide between a reman Subaru transmission for sale and another form of replacement transmission, I have to sit them down and explain what I’m going to say. For some cars, I recommend a reman [short for remanufactured] transmission over a used unit. To that point, we sell more [...]

Video: Check Your Transmission Fluid on Subaru Transmissions.

This is an excellent video on how to check the automatic transmission fluid on most Subaru automatic transmissions. Check it out…. Make checking your transmission fluid an enjoyable habit, do it every month and prevent transmission fluid loss failures. Call for anything, including some free advise and pleasant conversation. 866-320-1182.