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Used 4T65E Transmission

January 29th, 2014
GM added a host of new transmissions in the 1990s. The investments in the electronic controls paid off for several vehicle brands. The creation of the 4T60 in 1991 helped introduce a new level of V6 compatible gearboxes. The later development towards the end of the 1990s produced the 4T65E series of builds. Got Transmissions [...]

TH400 Transmission

January 21st, 2014
GM produced its 1964 edition TH400 gearbox as a replacement to the underperforming Powerglide assemblies. The turbo hydra-matic series launched in the 1960s set the production schedule for later gearbox development. GM produced this edition until 1984 although it remains a popular replacement choice. The Got Transmissions company holds one of the largest searchable GM [...]

2004 Trailblazer Transmission

January 18th, 2014
The Trailblazer SUV from GM is one of the top selling brands of the past 20 years. This luxury sport utility model featured larger engines and a reliable transmission. GM paired this vehicle with its ever popular 4L60E gearboxes. These are the very units that are sold at Got Transmissions. These evaluated assemblies make great [...]

Chevy Automatic Transmission

October 3rd, 2013
The development of the automatic transmission series in the GM lineup has created excellent gearboxes for Chevy vehicles. The classic stick-shift editions used up until the 1980s gave way to the Chevy automatic transmission now in use. A person seeking a replacement for this gearbox type is in luck here. The inventory of transmissions that [...]

Used Chevy Transmissions

July 15th, 2013
Need Used Chevy Transmissions? Get Yours from Got Transmissions The Chevrolet transmission is one of the firsts in the auto industry as a whole. General Motors as well as Ford Motor Company have shared the spotlight for development. GM builds here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. When you go to buy [...]

Chevy Cruze Transmission

February 14th, 2013
Chevy Cruze started as a concept vehicle for the Tokyo market in 2001. The subcompact design worked well in European countries where economy is more important than engine horsepower. The introduction in North America in 2008 has helped provide this sedan to more vehicle owners. Both five-speed and six-speed transmissions are available for this vehicle. [...]

Chevy Caprice 700R4 Transmission

October 11th, 2012
Chevy Caprice was offered by General Motors for 32 years. The Caprice made its debut in 1964 and was retired by 1996. The Holden company is a subsidiary of GM and took over producing the Caprice after 1996. One thing that the Caprice had was a great engine. A V8 engine was almost always used [...]

Chevy Impala Used Transmissions for Sale

June 26th, 2012
The Impala is one of the oldest cars in the Chevy lineup and one of the first cars that took over worldwide appeal for General Motors. The Impala had many first in the auto industry and it is no surprise that the 4T65-E was offered in the Impala. Chevy found success in many models using [...]

Chevy Corsica Cheap Transmissions

June 16th, 2012
Chevy Corsica was very similar to the Beretta and Cavalier. These vehicles were Chevy’s flagship vehicles for the late 1980s and the mid 1990s. The 4T40 was the most widely used transmission in these vehicles before the electronic controls were added. Our Chevy Corsica cheap transmissions are priced right for anyone to afford. You don’t [...]

Chevy Cavalier 4T40 Transmissions for Sale

June 4th, 2012
The Cavalier was one of Chevy’s most popular cars. Chevy spared no expense with upgrades through the years to this vehicle and the transmissions in only one example. The 4T40 was introduced in the late 1990s inside of the Cavalier and it did so well that GM started using it in other models. These include [...]