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Chevrolet 2500HD Transmissions for Sale

The Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Transmissions for the Regular Cab version are formidable, to say the least. Every transmission offered is a truck transmission, not a glorified beefed up car transmission. To put it differently, none of the transmissions found in the trucks I’m discussing come in any other vehicles Chevy sells. Chevrolet 2500HD Transmissions for Sale come in rebuilt, used and new crate versions.

Here is a list of automatic and manual transmissions used in the generation one 2500HD Silverado pickup truck:
1. 4-speed 4L80-E automatic overdrive w/ lock up torque converter
2. 5-speed Allison 1000 automatic [2001–2005] A true truck transmission, not a beefed up car transmission.
3. 6-speed Allison 1000 automatic [2006–2007]
4. 5-speed NV4500 manual was used from 2001–2007 with the 6.0l gasoline motor.
5. 6-speed ZF S6-650 truck grade manual gearbox from 2001–2006 in the 6.6 and 8.1 liter engines.

The second generation Silverado 2500HD trucks came with two automatic overdrive transmissions:
1. 4L-80E, a 4 speed automatic overdrive with lock up torque converter.
2. Allison 1000, updated to 6 forward speeds. Allison makes truck automatic transmissions only.

BTW: The new Silverado earned the North American Truck of the Year award for 2007 and was Motor Trend magazine’s Truck of the Year for 2007.

Allison Transmission Company is a division of General motors, well known for manufacturing large, heavy duty truck transmissions. Their entry into the light duty truck line is a pleasant surprise for truck owners looking for a truck with the ultimate transmission. My GMC 3500 is too old to have such a wonderful transmission available at that time.

I’m always surprised when a 2500HD needs a transmission job. I have not had that problem, however if I did, my choice would be one of’s transmissions. Knowing that they use better than new parts and factory approved updates proves to me that I’m really saving money in the long run. I don’t want to keep putting transmissions in my truck, so I always buy the best value.

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