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Chevy 4L60E Transmissions for Sale, Very Affordable.

Chevy Transmissions being rebuilt

Chevy Transmissions being rebuilt

This Chevy 4L60E four-speed automatic transmission assembly features electronic control of shift points, shift feel and torque converter clutch application. The two-piece transmission case allows use behind GM engines that have a Chevrolet V8 bellhousing bolt pattern and produce no more than 370 lb-ft of gross engine torque.

This gearbox features a 3.06 first gear ratio for great acceleration and a 0.70 overdrive fourth gear ratio improved fuel economy. The high stall torque converter produces a stall speed of approximately 2300 RPM behind most small-block engines. The output shaft does not contain provisions for a mechanical speedometer application. The production use of this transmission assembly was for the police package 350 Vortec powered Chevrolet Tahoe.

For proper transmission operation for both carbureted and fuel injected applications a control module and wiring harness is also available separately. 4L60E gear ratios: 1st 3.06, 2nd 1.75, 3rd 1.00, 4th 0.70.

Being one of the best and most versatile transmissions ever made has made this transmission an all time popular unit with General Motors vehicle owners. The great gear ratios make it suitable for your Camaro or a Chevy 1500 series work truck. The difference lies in how the transmission computer (TCU), is programmed. Every vehicle has it’s own program in the computer.

With that in mind, it becomes essential to get the exact replacement transmission for your car. You certainly don’t want a truck transmission in your Buick, it may physically fit, but it is programmed to shift hard, like a truck.

Receiving the exact replacement transmission is the way to go. In order to make sure you get a truck transmission for a truck and a Buick transmission for a Buick, number one you have to have your vehicle identification number, and number two, you need to have some confidence in who you deal with. is the leading transmission supplier for professional repair shops, major fleet services and extended warranty companies in the country. That should tell you something, my recommendation is to give them a Call at 866-320-1182. A few minutes on the phone is enough to prove my point.

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