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Chevy 4L80E Transmissions for Sale, No Reverse Problems..

Questions? Chevy 4L80E Transmissions for Sale

Questions? Chevy 4L80E Transmissions for Sale

Here is a common complaint concerning the 4L80E Chevy transmissions:

Question: Hay there,please help me out.
Driving without problems for 8 years a 3500 K dually 6.2 diesel from ,91 now ,tranny 4L80E.

But sinds twoo weeks it has no reverse anymore.
I mean to say, when i shift in to R , i feel the klick and it seems it will go reverse but it not go,s.
On a flat road it go,s a litle bit reverse.
Forward gears are more or less ok but when it comes in 3 or 4 it slips more with more rpm,s than it dit before.
We chanced the fluid and filter but no progress.
Is the tranny electronical or manual operatad.
Is there a Data link conector on my truck which i can read, if yes where is
it located and how does it work.

Answer: You should simply pay to have a scan and diagnosis. Time is flying by while you ask a bunch of non professionals your problem. It is good to have the codes pulled, but this is not a very sophisticated system, so don’t expect much information.

You have more serious issues going on here. When you have a combination of no reverse and a bad 3rd gear slippage, it narrows the problem to the direct/3rd clutch pack. This is either a burned up/damaged or worn out clutch pack or drum, or, the apply piston is cracked in the 3rd clutch drum.

The cure is as such: If you have a 1991 transmission, you have a very early model, which would not have any updates unless it was rebuilt properly. Properly is the operative word. Properly means using the updated piston assembly, not a good used original equipment or stock new one. Get it?

The other issue concerns using the correct and effective updates available now to correct why the piston cracks in the first place. Without actually examining the vehicle, there is no way anyone, even me can diagnose your problem. If you get it diagagnosed and you need a replacement transmission, make sure you replace it with the best transmission available.

The transmissions we sell are all updated to current or even better standards. Our 4L80E Chevy truck transmissions have every Chevrolet update installed, and a Transgo update kit installed during the rebuilding process. This is how we consistently outperform the competition. Provide you with the finest rebuilt transmission on the market.

Once you start to understand more about replacement transmissions, it becomes obvious that supplies the finest rebuilt Chevy transmissions anywhere. Call us and find out more about how to choose the right transmission for your needs. No charge for knowledge. 866-320-1182.

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