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Rebuilt Chevy HHR Transmissions for Sale

The HHR Chevy was an entry in the retro market, designed after the ’49 Chevrolet Suburban. It was made from 2005 to 2011. It is a stylish 4 door station wagon falling in the compact crossover wagon-SUV market. A panel van version was made as a delivery vehicle. All are built on a front wheel drive/front engine chassis.

Usually when we sell a replacement Chevy transmission it is because something out of the drivers control occurs. One of the most common problems is overheating the transmission. The issues occur when an overheated engine happens, and the transmission fluid is not changed.

What most people do not know is that if the engine overheats, so does the transmission. So, it’s absolutely imperative to change the ATF [automatic transmission fluid] if any overheating situation occurs.

On occasion, an ATF leak occurs and when the transmission gets low on fluid, it slips and causes a failure, if unattended. So, if your transmission gives you a hint and leaves a leak, take it and have it examined.

The transmissions used in the HHR are conventional front wheel drive transmissions, better known as transaxles. Literally speaking, the transmissions and differential ring and pinion gears are all located in one aluminum housing, saving weight and space.

By using a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission/transaxle, not only do you have 4 gas saving forward speeds, but there is a lock up clutch inside the torque converter, which is like having another forward gear. Lock up is a gas and engine saving feature, it is very subtle and most folks are not aware of it.

Rebuilt Chevy HHR Transmissions for Sale, are the most cost effective variants. A rebuilt torque converter has to be part of the deal. Or you are not buying a fully rebuilt transmission.

Another solid avenue to take is a good used low mileage transmission, when available. For the price, it may solve your problem at a lesser cost, with almost no sacrifice in reliability. A good choice for those on a budget.

My suggestion is to call and speak with a smart and understanding human being. Ask all of the questions no one else will answer honestly. We are here to teach you how to buy the best replacement transmission for your interests. Call right now for more detailed info. 866-320-1182.

Every transmission comes with a peace of mind warranty, and has pure value built right into it. Our super customer service makes this an easy and pleasant experience.

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