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1996 Chevy 1500 Pickup Truck Transmissions for Sale.

Thanks Very Much for the good used transmission.

Thanks Very Much for the godd used transmission.

We all work because we need to be rewarded. Rewards come in different forms, money is the most important and usable reward. We need money to live. Other types of rewards are important, such as a thank you for helping out a neighbor in trouble. The reward for helping a friend in a bad situation with a transmission problem, might be perhaps, ”I appreciate your time and advise”. Even if that friend takes another avenue.

It just happened to be a 1996 or 1995 Chevy 1500 pickup with a 4L60E automatic transmission, one that needed a replacement transmission. If you take a minute to read the above post you will catch up on why I am writing this post.

Note: This is not necessarily the same position that my boss or would take, these are my personal feelings only.

After spending some time on the phone with the gentleman who owns the truck, then going over and examining the truck, and then going home and calling myself for a price on a good used transmission, I only heard from my neighbor one more time. That actually was a call from his mechanic, who by the way seemed like a very nice person, who needed to know the procedure to flush out the transmission cooler.

I noticed this morning the truck was in his driveway, I wish him the best and sincerely hope he got a good job.

The point of this post is that a simple thank you means so much and is such a wonderful way to say I appreciate your time. For over 33 years now I have helped people out with transmission problems. For 26 years I was a paid professional and had to accept money as a reward in order to pay my shop bills. Although we gave away plenty of advise and diagnostics for free, and a thank you.

Since I sold my business 4 years ago, my advise is of no cost monetarily, and I don’t have any interest in rebuilding transmissions anymore. In fact I usually work and help out for food, kindness and appreciation now. I know I’m way off subject here, but a few years ago I painted my neighbors, on the north side, motorhome. I won’t go into the details, but they wanted to pay me money, I won’t accept money from them, all I really wanted was a nice BBQ rib dinner and some appreciation.

Rewards can be many things. Don’t forget to say thanks. Don’t forget that is a company that receives lots of ”thank you’s” from their customers on a regular basis. In many cases customers call back to thank us and tell us their car has not run this well for years and they appreciate the good advise on transmission replacement. Call @ 1-877-268-0884 and find out how much we can help you. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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