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Chevy transmissions – G.M. 4L80-E for sale

The workhorse of the Chevy transmission line was the 4L80-E, manufactured from l991 to 2005. Essentially a T400 with an overdrive section in front, it shares many internal components with a T-400 transmission. The biggest differences being the case, in order to house the overdrive section, the O.D. section and the valve body.

Starting with one of the most successful and popular Chevy transmissions ever, the T400 as a base, this is an incredibly durable transmission capable of unusual tasks. Being a fully computerized transmission, making use of an onboard computer and many sensors to send the proper signals to the computer which then tells the transmission what to do.

Used in the heavy duty pickup trucks and commercial vehicles G.M. produced, many Chevy trucks were purchased because they had a superior transmission at the time to the other auto and truck manufacturers. In regard to it’s design, there were some changes made to upgrade the unit from the factory, but in reality any 4L80-E transmission can use a quality upgrade kit, especially upon rebuild.

I think that by not automatically installing an upgrade kit when a 4L80-E is rebuilt is doing a disservice to your customer and to your transmission shop if you have an unhappy customer. My advise is to ask a lot of questions concerning what upgrades and grade of parts are used during the process. In the end the warranty tells the story. At my transmission shop, we gave 5 year 100,000 mile nationwide warranty’s. Thus building confidence.

We wanted to prove to our customers we were serious about our transmissions. I sold my shop three and a half years ago. It was not until I came across GotTransmissions.com that I felt comfortable with a supplier of transmissions. With total confidence I can recommend reading more of our blog or calling and talking to the specialists at GotTransmissions.com for advise you can easily digest. Educating our customers is our primary goal when it ces to making a wise choice in purchasing a rebuilt transmission.

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