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Used A470 Transmission

The A470 is part of the TorqueFlite transmission series by Chrysler. Throughout the entire 1980s, a mixture of gearboxes were installed in the k series vehicles. From sedans to minivans, different three-speed gearboxes were produced and offered. Someone who needs to buy a used A470 transmission will find the best pricing while shopping here online.

The A470 is a front-wheel design. This means that motors that were fitted with the smaller four-cylinder engines can accept this build. Most of the vehicles produced between 1980 and 1991 used a variation of the automatic four-speed gearboxes. While build quality changed between each decade, common technologies were used to popularize the TorqueFlite assemblies.

Cars Using A470 Transmissions

As with most popular units, Chrysler found matched engines and transmissions that worked well together. Throughout the manufacturing schedule of the A470, a range of motor vehicles benefitted. These vehicles include the Horizon, Voyager, Daytona, Executive, Lancer, LeBaron, Sundance, Reliant and Acclaim. While use was not limited to the Plymouth brand, Chrysler did use the automatic A470 in Dodge series motor vehicles.

There are different ratios of gearing in some A-series transmissions. The most common for the three-speed is 2.69, 1.55, 1.00 and a reverse gear 2.10. This provides the low-range torque that was popular in most of the k vehicles that are in production. When someone needs to swap out an A470, it is helpful to understand the gear ratio that will be expected.

Rebuilt A470 Versus Used

There is an advantage to buying a secondary market gearbox that has been rebuilt. Most older parts are immediately replaced and some cleaning is provided. While this sounds amazing, it also costs a lot of money compared to a second hand assembly. When comparing prices for transmissions, it can be a big help to understand what is actually received for a purchase.

One way that rebuilding companies are inferior to a preowned company is in the term of warranty coverage. The average rebuilder will warranty all work and craftsmanship only for a 90-day period. This provides a short amount of time for a problem to happen. With a used condition assembly, a warranty will usually cover any failed parts or deterioration. GotTransmissions.com does provide a multi-year parts warranty plan.

Buy A470 Used Transmissions Online

Few dealers have a lot of older Chrysler transmission inventory in stock. The newer units have taken the place of most classic builds from 1980 to 1991. The ability to search inventory that comes with a warranty is a good option. It should not cost a lot of money to swap a classic gearbox with one that is in better condition.

To review gearboxes for sale, enter the search box on this page. What needs to be selected is the Chrysler, Plymouth or Dodge year of production. The vehicle type can also be chosen. What happens next is a price will be offered and a person can choose to buy or compare.

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