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Used A606 Transmission

Part of the Ultradrive family of gearboxes produced by Chrysler in the 1990s included the A606 assembly. This unit was later renamed the 42LE although there are plenty of vehicle owners still relying on the original units. Someone seeking a good price for a used A606 transmission for sale is searching on the right website.

What is an Ultradrive Transmission?

1989 was a big year for Chrysler in the United States. Between creating new vehicles and partnering with Mitsubishi, a lot of positive things were happening. One of the biggest changes came to the transmission development. Advancement in automation led to the development of Ultradrive gearboxes that were controlled by computer systems. Each of the Ultradrive gearboxes had torque converters and different electric controls.

The A606 gearbox was part of the 4th design that Chrysler came up with while creating new versions of older gearboxes. Based originally on the 41TE, the A606 assembly was hammered out to fit with vehicles that required a longitudinal engine. The FWD system was also modified in order to ensure that the gearbox was able to operate normal under heavy-duty usage.

Buying Chrysler A606 Used Transmissions

There have been some instances where people have reported problems with an existing A606 or 42LE gearbox. Many of the unfortunate circumstances that have been uncovered were due to manufacturer defects. The solenoid packs or pressure switch assembly were two of the things that would have to be changed by some owners of the A606 transmissions in the U.S.

Most gearboxes that are the first generation four-speed editions are still referred to as LH editions. Because these were produced in 1993, finding more reliable inventory does present a challenge to a components buyer. The GotTransmissions.com company is one of few companies that still provide a sizable term of warranty protection for all used Chrysler transmissions in automatic or manual assemblies.

Remanufactured A606 Transmission Versus Used

The most common inventory types that a person who buys a replacement gearbox will find on the web is a refurbished or preowned unit. A reconditioned version is one that costs money to rebuild and add brand new parts in place of failed OEM parts. A preowned version is one that is pulled from a working Chrysler vehicle and certified prior to sale.

When evaluating costs based on mileage, it is hard to determine which type of gearbox will perform better. It is the general consensus of auto parts buyers that used gearboxes are a lot cheaper especially when purchased at this website in the USA. A direct quote that includes the price of shipping can be obtained in one click here online.

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