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Chrysler LeBaron Transmissions for Sale

Chrysler LeBaron Used Transmissions for Sale | Cheap Transmissions

Chrysler LeBaron was a luxury automobile that was perfect for people from all walks of life. It had the stylish paint scheme and amenities that cool people wanted and it was the perfect compliment for a family car. The LeBaron enjoyed decades of success under the marketing genius of Chrysler. We have Chrysler LeBaron transmissions for sale at the right price everyday on our website. Our inventory is large and we are capable of sending hundreds of transmissions each day from our warehouse. You never pay more than you should have to for a used LeBaron transmission here at www.GotTransmissions.com.

TorqueFlight was the original name for the A413 transmission. This was a 3-speed unit that was first used in the LeBaron in the early ’80s. This transmission was a front-wheel transaxle meaning that power came from the front two wheels only. The 4WD units that were later produced by Chrysler for direct fit into the Jeep Cherokee were both real and front wheel versions. The A413 was upgraded and renamed the 31TH about the time that the Dodge Neon came out. This was the predecessor the the LeBaron and continued Chrysler’s worldwide dominance of economical cars with excellent transmissions.

Chrysler LeBaron Transmissions for Sale

When you need Chrysler auto parts, do you know where to find them online? Most people have trouble when researching parts dealers. Anyone can claim to have anything in stock including transmissions. We have a 100,000 square foot warehouse that is our proof of what we have. We buy direct from a variety of sources and know that what is purchased is original. We buy nothing that is aftermarket or rebuilt by non-Chrysler approved companies. We sell used transmissions, but we also offer them in rebuilt versions for people that want them. We are a professional Chrysler dealer and not a seller. What happens inside of our shop is a lot of hard work and development for our customers. The ease of hookup with our transmissions makes them simple to hook to the 4-cylinder LeBaron engine.

1995 brought in the close of the LeBaron brand, but we still have these transmissions and will continue to get them in stock. Junkyards and salvage dealers know that we are a great resource for a quality used transmission online. We don’t limit our sales to businesses only and have a huge clientele of average people that appreciate buying transmissions without special licenses. Pride is a four letter word that we are proud of here and we’re proud to say our reputation is strong. Our LeBaron inventory is only rivaled by Chrysler itself. Because we offer free shipping online, we have become a trusted source for fast shipping and lower than reasonable pricing. Try us for your transmission needs and you’ll find out.

Chrysler LeBaron Transmissions for Sale Quotes

Our pricing is always correct because we use quotes and don’t list ever-changing prices on our website. You always get accurate price information when you obtain prices from our quote form. Try it now. It can be used 7 days a week. You can call 1-866-320-1182 and speak to an expert. We’re here to help you fast for any transmission question or concern that you have. Try us today.

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