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More…Chrysler TF 604 Rebuilt Transmissions Secrets.

The picture below is one of the main parts of a TF604 Chrysler transmissions, Plymouth or Dodge transmissions. Which are all the same, by the way.

The drum and it’s many internal components has been disassembled and surgically cleaned up and laid out. I did not take a good picture of the dissembled drum, below is the closest picture I took of it:

TF 604 UD-OD-Reverse Drum

TF 604 UD-OD-Reverse Drum

The pictures (below) start with the completed rebuilt and upgraded drum assembly with all of the clutch plates installed and clearanced to the correct specifications, and my lovey boy helper (Red the dog). The picture next to Red is a repeat, then we have the rebuilt Pump assembly and finally the Drum Assembly resting on the Pump assembly getting ready to be air-checked. Air checking helps test out the drum on the bench. Blowing highly pressurized air (about 90psi) into the correct ports on the pump, applies all 3 different clutch packs in the drum, assuring the rebuilder that the drum is operating correctly.

The next episode of Rebuilding a Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth TF 604 transmission will describe how to air check the input drum, as mentioned in an earlier paragraph. Remember, surgical cleanliness is my top secret. Following the directions is another top secret, yup, just reading and comprehending the instructions, it is that simple.

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