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Dodge Intrepid 42LE Transmission

Dodge Intrepid 42LE transmission

Chrysler invested heavily into its parts division in the 1990s. The Dodge series and its newly launched Intrepid received a lot of engineering attention. In order to boost the sales of Dodge, new technologies were used in this vehicle series. The Ultradrive transmission was selected for this vehicle and it remained until the Intrepid termination. This 4-speed automatic unit can be found in our Dodge Intrepid 42LE transmission inventory. We locate the best condition units and these are what we offer as rebuilt to customers on this website.

The Ultradrive transmission was first launched in 1993 to be paired with the LH series vehicles. The torque and ease of use of the shifting pattern are two reasons why this unit had a long production life. The success of this application lead to more Chrysler vehicles using these 4-speed units. The 42LE series was later upgraded to the 42RLE in the Jeep series. We sell these units in rebuilt condition to customers and companies that purchase for resale. Our company makes sure that all customers are satisfied with what we sell. We have a great quality control team and this helps us keep our pricing low.

Dodge Intrepid 42LE Transmission in Stock

We buy our automotive units in bulk. This means that we get price discounts for buying more than one. It is from these shipments that we acquire a large Dodge inventory. The rebuilding work that takes place ensures that what is sold is always what a customer expects. Each gearbox goes through a quality control process to ensure each rebuild is OEM quality. What comes out of this work is a unit that is ready for install. We grow our company inventory this way and always have what customers need in stock. This inventory is constantly expanding and we always listen to the needs of each customer that does business with us.

The automatic transmissions for the Intrepid, Concorde and other vehicles that use the 42LE are shipped same day here. Our freight team knows how to ensure safe delivery of our units. We’ve assembled a team of experts that meet deadlines and help eliminate shipment issues. Our freight contracts with trusted carriers has allowed Got Transmissions to incorporate a no cost shipping incentive. All of our in stock inventory purchased online or offline is shipped free. This means that as long as a customer does not live in Hawaii or Alaska there are no costs for freight. This new program is helping more people get a transmission faster and for less money. Customers who shop here get a lot of value with each purchase.

Dodge Intrepid 42LE Transmission Price Quotes

Getting pricing here is one of the easiest tasks you’ll complete. It’s easy to get a 4-speed price quote online. Use our quote system and it will deliver our costs. You can review this information and then make your decision to begin an order. If you want to call first, we give you a toll free number to use. You’ll speak with our staff that is waiting to help you. We’ll get you the Dodge transmission you’re seeking fast and for less money.

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