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Used 4F27E Focus Transmission

Ford’s 4F27E automatic transmission has been used in the Focus vehicle since the mid 2000s. The older technology featured in the CD4E was upgraded when the all-electronic control systems were introduced. Some might say that the overdrive gearing is not a new concept although the 4-speed design is still going strong. A person can buy used 4F27E Focus transmission inventory here.

Inside of the transmission pan, Ford placed the solenoids that control all functions of the 4F27E. Wiring that is now placed into the assembly controls the pulse width modulation that produces shifting. A person who is swapping a Ford Focus transmission might be dealing with a self installation. In that case, buying an automatic gearbox at cheap price is helpful.

SOHC and DOHC Compatible Automatic 4F27E

There are dual motors that are paired in the Focus with newer Ford gearboxes. These include the 2.0 and 2.3. While the Transit Connect vehicles also use the same setup, Ford combines the 4F27E with the DOHC and the SOHC design. What this provides is an absolutely reliable configuration. Unlike some automakers, Ford finds technology that works and sticks with it.

The 4F27E is known as a heavy-duty gearbox. What this means is that it is built for performance and to last a long time. While it is not always possible to buy a low mileage version used, many people using the solenoid controlled automatic versions are happy. A person ready to purchase a 2WD or 4WD version can find inventory on this website.

What’s Wrong with My 4F27E Transmission?

There can be a number of problems that are found in the all-new electronic Ford transmissions. Leaks from gaskets happen in some cases. In other cases, vibrations and loud noises can be hard to diagnose. If a gearbox is overheating, there are probably difficulties with shifting that are recognized. The 2.82, 1.50, 1.00, 0.73 and 2.65 gear ratios in the 4F27E should be evaluated if a problem persists.

Depending on the mechanic, towing charges and installation charges can up the price of a replacement Focus transmission. Someone who notices broken gears of shafts could have to pay hefty fees just for a common repair. A better option is the buy a gearbox that has enough low miles that a better lifespan can be achieved after a new installation.

Ford Focus Solenoid Powered Transmissions

A good price for a replacement gearbox is never too hard to find. It may take a little digging, but someone can use good resources to connect with retailers. GotTransmissions.com holds one of the largest Ford Motor Company inventories of preowned assemblies. This includes the 4F27E and all newer models in the USA.

To obtain a quick sale price, use one of the locator tools that are offered on this page. A VIN number is not a requirement although is helpful during the process of checking out online. If the listed price is not low enough of a person has questions, a toll-free phone number is always setup and available to use.

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