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Used 6F55 Transmission

GM and Ford did the unthinkable in the year 2005. A decision was made to co-manufacture automatic transmissions. A total of 6 units were to be built for a number of vehicles. Millions of dollars were invested and the result is the 6F series at Ford. Someone interested in locating a used 6F55 transmission will find better inventory levels at this GotTransmissions.com website.

Luxury SUVs were a big component in the decision for Ford to agree to build co-branded GM transmissions. The Ford Edge was the first vehicle to utilize the 6F55 gearbox. The second vehicle was the Lincoln series. Because there are many types of applications for the automatic units, no less than 5 major brands at Ford Motor Company have received installation of the 6F55 assemblies.

6F55: The Transverse Automatic Gearbox

The push to build much larger transmissions for U.S. vehicles happened in the mid 2000s. The outdated 4-speed was becoming an issue for the bigger Ford trucks like the F-150. A new series had to be built in order to handle the 3.5 V6 engines that Ford now utilizes. A higher gear ratio was the first change to the new assembly designs.

There is a grand total of 6 gears in the 6F55 with a single reverse gear. There are 4 different clutches that are used for control along with an optional shift kit. There are third party manufacturers that provide kits that can be installed. A stock automatic 6-speed transmission is good enough for most car owners who are searching for a reputable retailer to buy inventory.

Cars Using the 6F55 Transmission

Not every car built in the past decade at Ford or GM uses the 6-speed design. There is a small amount of vehicles fitted with the automatically controlled 6F series. These vehicles include MKX, Taurus, Sable, CX9, Flex, Edge and Fusion. Since Ford has not updated its original builds, the same gear ratios and clutch packs are found in multiple assemblies. This is both good and bad for a consumer ready to replace a defective unit.

Problems With a 6F55 Gearbox

Ford uses PCM computers to control how the 6-speed automatic editions operation. The keep alive memory function holds all of the general settings that a gearbox needs during operation. When a drive cycle diagnostic test is not showing results, there could be a problem with the powertrain control module. When purchasing a used Ford transmissions at GotTransmissions.com, all inventory is pre-screened to make sure that no PCM or diagnostic problems are present.

Buying a 6F55 Transmission Cheaply

Prices are often reduced for second hand inventory from select dealers. Paying one price now and a higher price later is quite common. Auto parts buyers who do not want to wait for prices to go up can use the search option on this website. A direct warehouse search is conducted for all inventory numbers of automatic Ford transmissions for sale.

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