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Used 6R80 Transmission

Ford continues to update its transmissions with every passing decade. A brand based on the ZF design was launched in 2005. The push by automakers to create 6-speed editions is now helping auto buyers to save money on fuel costs. Buying a used 6R80 transmission at a low price is possible while visiting this resource.

The Ford Expedition was the first SUV model to receive the 6R80 installation. The automatic build is still in favor among Ford vehicle buyers. There are a total of 6 gears that each have different ratios. The first gear is the highest ratio to provide more torque at lower speeds. There is a reverse gear that also provides extra power through the longitudinal design.

Rear-Wheel Drive 6-Speed Transmission

Ford and General Motors have each profited with the creation of non-4-speed gearboxes. Because of electronic controls, more areas of the shifting patterns can be controlled. Ford uses different solenoids to control each clutch that is used to power its vehicles. This is a technology that is dependent on magnets and an electrical pulse. Because of the rear design, the 6R80 is only compatible with the rear-wheel drive trucks and SUVs.

There can be issues that are present in some used gearboxes that are retailed across the U.S. Some Ford vehicle owners have reported overheating when towing. The average 4-speed gearbox would have trouble towing a boat or another car regardless of the torque ratio. The 6-speed ZF design Ford helped to popularize is meant for greater towing capacity.

No Cost 6R80 Gearbox Warranty

Getting help when a transmission is faulty is usually expensive. Mechanics charge hundreds of dollars per hour to help car owners. While Ford Motor Company builds excellent units, what helps preowned auto parts buyers is a warranty. There is no cost for an extended warranty at GotTransmissions.com. This applies to the entire fleet of vehicles that use the 6R80 gearboxes.

What a person should do before swapping a 6-speed is research retail pricing. This helps establish what the cost might be to replace a Ford gearbox. When this data is known, a second thing that is helpful is to inquire about a warranty. In most cases, a retailer will offer a low cost price and skip the warranty policy.

Buy Affordable Ford 6R80 Used Transmissions

A preowned gearbox has just as much value as one that is remanufactured. Few truck and SUV owners know that fact. What separates each model is the term of warranty coverage. Because Got Transmissions takes into account years of usage, it is likely more valuable buying a ZF licensed Ford gearbox in used condition.

To place an order, begin by locating the model and the year in the inventory finder. What is presented after this is a precise sale price. The price is a lot lower than most companies. Shipments here are free. Warranties here are free. Using this website is free.

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