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A4LD Ford Transmissions: Explorer & Ranger Rebuilt.

When the A4LD Ford transmissions were introduced in the mid 1980’s it was supposed to be a new breed of smaller overdrive automatic transmissions for up to the Ranger and Explorer sized vehicles. It was a rear wheel drive transmission. The L in A4LD stands for longitudinal which means the engine and transmission run from the front to the back of the vehicle.

When you need to replace an A4LD or it’s first predecessor the 4R44 transmission, it can be successfully rebuilt using upgrades approved by the factory and knowledgeable transmission mechanics. Successfully rebuilt means that the unit has had all of the approved upgrades installed along with the best parts available during the rebuild process.

The bottom line is that there are millions of the A4LD and 4R44 tranny’s on the road, in both old and newer Ford products through 1995 when the 4R44 was discontinued. The models that came out in 1996 were much the same except with 5 forward speeds. Many of the inherited problems were solved. Although very few parts interchange.

The update which is considered mandatory by shop owners and transmission supply companies is the usage of an approved update kit. The ones I use and recommend are made by TransGo. Google them for more information. A few other companies make fine update products, but TransGo is the oldest and the one I have the most confidence in.

During an overhaul is the best time for installation, (although you can have the bulk of the kit installed in your Ranger or Explorer without rebuilding the transmission, for much longer transmission life and better performance). If you use factory original grade rebuild parts, which is an excellent product in the first place, or better (not necessary), and use synthetic automatic transmission fluid, you have a recipe for success.

When it comes to transmissions, generic parts are not as good as name brand. When you buy a generic medicine, at least it has passed numerous standardized tests. Generic components for a transmission are not controlled like medicine, which makes many of them questionable.

Buy updated rebuilt Ford transmissions for your Ranger, Explorer, SUV or any of the other Ford products that use this transmission from Call us now and let one of our staff members help you find out why this is “where our customers send their friends”. 866-320-1182.

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