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Ford 4R75W Transmissions for Sale

When the subject of whether or not Ford made a 4R75W automatic overdrive transmission came up the other day, one of the guys was emphatic that Ford did not make such a transmission. I said GotTransmissions.com has Ford 4R75W Transmissions for Sale. I then found an advertisement Ford made specifically to introduce the 4R75W, which is listed below.

Matched to the new 5.4-liter V-8 is a new 4R75E automatic transmission, an evolution of the 4R70E used on the current F-150. Upgraded to handle the torque of the 5.4-liter engine, this transmission shares patented upgrades with the 4R70E, which backs the 4.6-liter V-8:

* A redesigned torque converter improves launch performance and increases efficiency.
* A turbine speed sensor improves transmission control, providing the basis for fully electronic shift scheduling to limit “hunting” and to fine-tune shift speed and feel.
* Increased microprocessor speed improves responsiveness and precision of the control system.
* “Smart” fully electronic shift scheduling knows what the torque will be in the next gear so it chooses the shift points based on the vehicle’s projected performance in the next gear.
* Coupled with the electronic throttle strategy, the transmission computes the output torque required to maintain the vehicle speed, and chooses the correct gear and converter state accordingly.
* A sealed case and lifetime transmission fluid make the transmission maintenance free, while adaptive pressure control maintains consistent shift feel over time.

By predicting the performance of the truck in the next gear, the computer-controlled transmissions provide a more sophisticated solution to heavy demands than a simple shift delay switch, such as the one-size-fits-all “towing mode” some competitors use. [Add From Ford Motor Company]

One way to determine the load carrying capacity of any Ford automatic transmission that has the numerals 70, 75, and 100 at the end or in the middle, such as the 4R70W, 4R75W, 4R100 transmissions, is that the numerals 70, 75, and 100 are the torque ratings; multiplied by 10 we get; 700, 750, and 1000 ft./lbs., respectively, which is then divided by 2, [by torque converter action]. So we end up with, 350, 375, and 500 ft./lbs. of engine torque capacity per transmission, respectively.

For all practical purposes, the 4R75W is simply a stronger 4R70W. The 4R100 is an entirely different automatic transmission, used in trucks and large SUV’s, capable of hauling very heavy loads.

Fords 4R75W transmission is a complicated high technology, computer controlled automatic overdrive. It is a very good transmission and upon rebuilding requires the skills of the best transmission re-builders possible.

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