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Ford F450 Transmissions for Sale

Ford has been making the F-series of pickups since 1948. As competition goes, Ford had to stay competitive with the other major brands of pickups, so they introduced the Super duty series of trucks. Super Duty trucks, ranging in size from F250, up to the huge F550 Super Duty. One of the most significant updates was a better transmission.

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Some of the early Ford truck transmissions had serious problems. Especially when put to hard usage. It’s no secret to hundreds of thousands of F series truck owners. Ford really got down to business with this truck. The transmissions used, which is the subject of this article are much improved.

Ford almost went nuts doing all the right things to improve the overall performance and lifespan. All Super Duty ford trucks use a larger Chassis, which I approve of greatly. I am an admirer of good strong chassis. I can talk more about the virtues of a solid chassis, but this is about transmissions. So I won’t get carried away on strong chassis and my love for them.

Ford decided to modernize the truck by adding more forward speeds to their transmissions,like 5 speed and six speed automatic overdrive transmissions. And a ZFS6 650 six speed manual transmission. In the process, they made some improvements to the transmission setup in general.

If you ask me what the most important, yet unglamorous change or improvement was: add more cooling to the transmission. Yup, some of the better transmission repair shops knew this transmission developed serious overheating problems when used hard in hot weather.

Two effective and not so complicated solutions exist which solve the problem in the older units and have been adopted by Ford for the F-450 and larger trucks. The most important fix is to eliminate the factory transmission cooler and install a huge Tru Cool auxiliary cooler in place of all factory transmission cooling components.

I won’t get into the theory of how the fluid overheats, if you want more info, use the comment form below.

The other update, which Ford now uses is called a valve body recalibration kit. The valve body is the brain of your transmission. A recalibration kit does several things, one of which is increase lubrication flow by 100 percent inside the transmission so the cooled down fluid flowing from the updated cooling system flows better and lubricates better and prevents the problems associated with an overheated transmission.

So, that’s it in a large nutshell. If you happen to be in the market for a rebuilt Ford F-450 Transmission for sale, you can depend on GotTransmissions.com to supply you with the best.

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