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Ford Festiva Used Transmissions for Sale

Ford Festiva Used Transmissions for Sale | Used Ford Transmissions Cheap

Ford Festiva was a compact car produced by Ford that eventually was used around the world. Most of the parts were based on the original Mazda specs including the Jatco transmission. Since the Festiva had only 3 gears, a manual transmission was used that Nissan developed. The 3N71 transmission was used in hundreds of vehicles and found a permanent home in the Festiva. You can find Ford Festiva used transmissions for sale right inside our huge warehouse inventory here at www.GotTransmissions.com. We give great deals on Ford transmissions and we know exactly what our customers demand. We give high value for the most affordable price and ship everything for free.

The Ford Festiva is still in use around the world making it easy to find parts. We have secured great relationships with domestic and international parts dealers. We buy Festiva transmissions from whoever has them for the lowest price and lowest mileage. We do a lot of planning and research before anything shows up inside our warehouse. What we find is that we are able to offer great 3-speed transmissions that way. We never have shipping problems or get transmissions that are not what we thought they would be. The strengths of our suppliers directly affects the gearboxes that we sell to our customers.

Ford Festiva Used Transmissions for Sale

Finding a clean transmission is not the only factor in judging quality. There are hundreds of units that look great but perform poorly. We never look at the exterior condition until we know what is happening with the inside. It only takes one bad gear or gasket to blow an entire transmission. We are very careful and we know approximately what to evaluate. We go right for the gears, the Festiva transmission fluid and check the gaskets for leaks. We complete a total evaluation that takes about a day to finish. Nothing gets by the inspections we do and we then move to computer testing. This is a double assurance test to prove our used transmission quality.

What comes out of our inventory is nothing that is low quality. We let auction websites sell poorly built transmission to customers that do not know any better. Customers around the world that care about quality standards buy from our inventory with complete confidence. We sell to average people, mechanics and body shops that have reputations to defend. We never want to be the cause of someone having a failed transmission in a Festiva. Each 3N71 Jatco transmission is always performance tested. We prove our quality inside of our warehouse and do it again after transmissions arrive at their final destination. If you want to get a cheap transmission that works very well, you now know right where to buy them online.

Ford Festiva Used Transmissions for Sale Pricing

Quotes are the best part about finding a transmission online. It makes it simple to compare low prices and weed out the retailers that jack up the price. The quote form on this page is powerful and can be used as often as you like. Try it now. Call our experts at 1-866-320-1182 if you need transmission assistance.

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