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Ford Fusion Transmissions for Sale

The Ford Fusion does not use a Ford transmission, technically speaking. Because the Fusion uses the CD# platform, it is the same chassis as the Edge, Mazda 6, Lincoln MKX and a few more Mazda’s. It is no surprise,t once you start to search for Ford Fusion Transmissions for Sale. GotTransmissions.com is one of the leading transmission suppliers and would be irresponsible not to mention that fact.

The first generation Ford fusion used 3 separate transmissions. Made from 2006 to 2009.
A. 5-speed Mazda G5M manual
B. 5-speed Mazda FNR5 automatic
C. 6-speed Aisin TF-80 automatic

In 2010 the Second Generation Fusion was introduced. Added the lineup of transmissions was a slate of 6 speed automatic transmissions and manual transmissions.
A. 6-speed Mazda G6M manual (I4)
B. 6-speed Ford 6F35 automatic (I4 & 3.0L V6)
C. 6-speed Aisin TF-80 automatic (3.5L V6)
D. Continuous variable transmission [hybrid]

Ford decided to use the CD3 platform for reliability and performance reasons. It is the perfect chassis for as many as 25 different cars made by Ford and Mazda. To say it is successful is an understatement.

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