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Ford Taurus Transmission for Sale

Ford Taurus Transmission for Sale | Ford Used Transmissions

Ford Taurus used several different transmissions as the technology was upgraded and updated through the years. The Ford engineers knew that drivability would not be compromised and produced several versions that are still in use by Ford to this day. Many of the late 1980s and early 1990s models did not use the electronic controls like the AXOD-E. These were added after 1990 and Ford still uses the electronic control technology for better shifting performance. We are the number on seller for a Ford Taurus transmission for sale on the Internet. A lot of our gearboxes are shipped out to salvage dealers, junkyards and body shops around the world that need reliable transmissions. We do a lot for customers here at www.GotTransmissions.com.

The Taurus has sold more than any other passenger car in the history of the Ford Motor Company. This makes the parts generally easy to find. The dealers that we purchase parts from are all professional and reliable people. We choose only to get the best used gearboxes that our money can buy. This eliminates 99 percent of any problems that could happen if we bought the wrong transmissions. This can and does happen and we have learned from experience. The tests that we put gearboxes through takeover where our mechanics leave off to certify what we sell is top notch.

Ford Taurus Transmission for Sale

Locating the number on your transmission is the first step before obtaining a price quote from our company. The most common transmissions are the following:

• AX4N
• 4F50N
• 6F50
• 6F55

We have each of these in stock and know that the transmission you need could be one or more of these. Our parts have already been tested by our transmission experts and deemed ready for sale. Our process is easy to understand. The used transmission that you need is manually inspected for gear problems, proper lubrication and if the torque converter has any issues. These components are the first place that we check when evaluating anything for sale. We know that if problems are bound to happen they will eventually happen with these components.

Our specialists take their time when completing our tests. Nothing is rushed here and we make sure we do tests multiple times. Just one pass of an inspection or test might not give the best results. We test several times and analyze the results that are found. We have learned that this is the way to get the most accurate information for Taurus transmissions. We do not have to process warranty claims by running our business like we do.

Ford Taurus Transmission for Sale Price Quotes

You came here for a Taurus price quote and that’s what you will leave here with. Use the pre-made form right on this page. Our customers can get quotes 24 hours a day and never have to call us unless they want to. To reach us by phone, just call 1-866-320-1182 and our specialists assist you professionally. You don’t wait on hold and our goal is to help you 100 percent. Try us out unless you have found a lower price. We didn’t think you did. Go ahead and call now.

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