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2002 Ford Explorer Transmissions: Worst Transmission award..

The Ford Explorer, from the time Ford introduced it in 1990 through the most current models has used a variation of the A4LD Ford Transmissions exclusively. Throughout the explorers existence the A4LD used from 1991 to 1994 which evolved into a 4R55e in 1995 was used from 1995–2001 and 1995-2003 in the Sport, finally 2001-2005 for the Sport Trac.

As a lifetime transmission rebuilder,  (I owned and operated a successful transmission shop from 1981 to 2006) it did not take long to realize the A4LD was a transmission full of weaknesses and endless problems. Eventually several of the top transmission upgrade kit companies along with rebuilders of the highest caliber started to find ways to improve the A4LD.Simply put, this early Ford overdrive had poor design and structural integrity.

By the time Ford introduced a computerized version of the A4LD, called the 4R55E, by and large the problems had been worked out of the original A4LD transmission. For the record that was never a great transmission, the A4LD, in my opinion it was the worst automatic transmission ever made. ( although transmission shops loved them!).

My word of advise in the pursuit of a used A4LD Ford transmission is don’t do it, or be carefull who you buy it from.

FYI: This is a good time to mention our exclusive labor guarantee. If purchased (very affordable) with your used transmission, it will cover the labor to swap out a problem unit for another one for free, anywhere in the country. In essence, you have a nationwide warranty.

If you happen to be one of the lucky souls with a broken down A4LD transmission, my personal recommendation would be to buy a rebuilt Ford transmission with the most current upgrades. Without the upgrades included in a rebuilt explorer transmission, you are climbing a greased tree. You will need another one soon after the warranty. BTW: This transmission was used in Ford Ranger pickups and  the 4 cylinder Ford 4 cylinder and v-6 vehicles. There are plenty of them on the road.

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