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Choose The Right Honda CRV Transmission for Sale

When Honda introduced the CRV, it was a niche type of car, essentially a combo of a Civic with a larger boxy body. It is technically called a Compact Crossover SUV, with 4 doors built on a front wheel drive chassis. The transmission is mounted up front, if you want to check the fluid to make sure it’s full. BTW: only use genuine factory ATF [automatic transmission fluid], the dealer is the only place to get it.

If you have never checked the fluid and all of a sudden you need a replacement transmission, try calling GotTransmissions.com right now [866-320-1182] to learn how to choose the right Honda CRV transmission for sale. What do I mean by the ”right” transmission?

I mean several things. First off, you want to buy a transmission that fits your car exactly. It’s wise to take advantage of our free unlimited information available and learn more about the subject. It’s a fact, educated consumers make better decisions.

The other factor we have going for us is that we offer a wide variety of replacement transmissions, one to meet your budget and needs. We can outfit you with a rebuilt transmission, which is our best value. We also offer the best used transmissions on the market, all pre tested in the donor car to make sure it works perfectly and does not leak.

You might be interested in knowing the CRV is more than just a front wheel drive car, it is offered in AWD [all wheel drive] for those who need a bit more traction in rainy or snowy weather. It is not built for torturous off road driving.

It also uses a common and effective drive system called transverse mounting. What this means is that the engine/transmission combination are mounted sideways under the hood. A drive axle comes out of each side in the front, going to the relevant wheel. Which pulls it from the front, instead of pushing it from the back, like a rear wheel drive car.

The best suggestion is to call one of our specialists and discuss your needs and budget with them. Allow us to council you on which transmission is in your best interests. Call GotTransmissions.com right now at 866-320-1182 and get as much free information as you need and a free quote.

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