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Honda Fit Transmissions for Sale

Although the Honda Fit was introduced in Japan and Europe in 2001, it was not brought to the US and Canada until 2006. It is a North American sub compact car, a 5 door hatchback. It is built on a front wheel drive platform called GD1/2/3/4 which is the technical name for the chassis. Regardless, if you are having a transmission problem or need to buy a replacement Honda Fit Transmission for Sale, it’s wise to call GotTransmissions.com right now at 866-320-1182.

Remember, a front wheel drive car such as the Fit uses a transverse mounting system, with the engine and transmission bolted together under the hood, facing east to west, to the north south axis of the car. It’s the most popular and most likely, the most efficient FWD setup.

The Fit comes equipped with one of three transmission options. A 5 speed manual transmission, transaxle gearbox is one option, a 5 speed automatic overdrive transmission, and a CVT [CVT-7} is offered in the hybrid version, which was brought out in 2010 and uses the same driveline as the Honda Leaf. An all electric, plug in car.

Here is a brief FYI:: All Fits worldwide [70 countries] are available with CVT except in the USA.

Actually, when Honda is talking about “Fit” it is the same car as the ”Jazz”, in Europe, They all have the same 1.3 and 1.5L engines with the same CVT. However the availability of the engines depends on the country. Also the availability of the CVT and 5MT depend per country [5AT is only in USA].

Using shift paddles on the steering wheel with which 7 gear ratios can be chosen, offers the driver better feeling and more control. But it’s just a gadget as the CVT in the Fit is one of the best CVTs. Performance is excellent, driving is very smooth and fuel efficiency is approx. 10% better than 4 and 5 speed automatic transmissions.

Simply put, the Fit has not been in the US for long. Do we get requests for Fit transmissions? You bet, all sorts of happenings occur which may be out of ones control which cause transmissions failures. If you need a replacement Honda Fit Transmission, there is only one logical thing to do.

Call the courteous professionals at GotTransmissions.com
and discuss your needs with someone who cares about outfitting you with the exact right transmission for your interests. Every transmission we sell comes with pure value built right into it, and our peace of mind warranty, call right now, 866-320-1182.

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