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Replacement Hyundai Accent Transmissions for Sale

One of the more popular subcompact cars is the Hyundai Accent. It’s probably more popular than you know of since it’s sold globally under different names. It’s predecessor was the Excel. Since 2002, the Accent is the longest running family car sold in the USA. Every Accent uses a front wheel drive setup with a transaxle.

I want to be specific here, because if you need Replacement Hyundai Accent Transmissions for Sale, there are several things you need to know in order to be a better consumer. The Accent only uses front wheel drive transmissions. Ordinarily it is called a transmission, but it’s really more. It combines in one aluminum casing the full transmission assembly and the ring and pinion, which saves weight and more importantly, space. Thus a transaxle.

So, with a transverse mounting system a drive axle protrudes out of each front wheel wheel well going to the left front wheel and right front wheel respectively. Thus pulling your car, as opposed to pushing it, as a rear wheel drive vehicle does. FWD offers better traction in rain and mild snow.

In reality it’s fine to ask for a transaxle. Through the first 3 generations Hyundai kept it simple. Offering one automatic transmission-transaxle, and one manual transmission-transaxle variant. Though the transmissions were up to the task in the first three generations, they brought out some high technology transmissions for the fourth generation which will come out for 2012.

Making a decision between transmissions, used transmissions and in this case JDM transmissions [Ask about it] is one reason we have a staff of intelligent human beings that speak your language, in terms you understand. The big issue is that not very many consumers know what they need or what to ask for in a situation like this, expensive and very quality sensitive.

Our customer service department is outstanding, you can count on our sales staff to listen to your issues and provide a solution that meets your budget and needs. We also ship or deliver ASAP so you can get this painful mess of your mind fast.

Allow us to show you in: Cost per mileage delivered: which transmission is in your best interest. Every replacement transmission sold has pure value built right into it, and a peace of mind guarantee. Call now, don’t waste your time, GotTransmissions.com @ 866-320-1182.

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