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Jaguar XF Transmissions for Sale

The Jaguar XF is one of Jags newer mid sized luxury models. It was introduced in 2008. In typical Jaguar fashion, it’s a slick looking, performance oriented car. No messing around, it comes with a 6 speed automatic transmission with gasoline engines, and an 8 speed automatic for the diesel engine cars. No manual transmissions available.

Of course this makes choosing a replacement Jaguar XF Transmission for Sale a bit easier, yet wise consumers will call GotTransmissions.com and let an expert assist. 866-320-1182. This is truly an area that dealing with an honest expert pays off.

Made by ZF Corporation, the ZF 6HP 28 is a 6 speed longitudinal automatic overdrive transmission. Longitudinal refers to it drive orientation. Longitudinal means it is a front engine-rear wheel drive car. So, the engine and transmission run longitudinally or north to south of the car. A driveshaft connects the transmission and rear differential.

The gear train is fundamentally the same as most planetary gear driven automatics, but the new vibration reducing torque converter in combination with optimized engine and transmission performance software and hydraulics causes the shifts to occur 50 percent faster, thus providing seamless shifts and less wear.

The precise and superb engineering uses a Lepelletier & Ravigneaux planetary gear system, which makes use of less components to obtain 6 forward speeds. It’s a very precision transmission designed for a precision car.

As mentioned earlier, the diesel models use an 8 speed ZF longitudinal automatic transmission. The idea was to add 2 more gears to the lower revving diesel engines. Allowing for better gear spacing and more options in gear ratios to match the slower revolving diesel engines.

What action is the best if you were to be so unfortunate as to experience a transmission failure out of warranty. Well, let me say, these are really excellent transmissions, or Jaguar would not use them, so realistically speaking, something entirely out of the drivers control would have to occur to force an unwarranted repair. Or lots of mileage, which would be unusual for a car introduced in 2008.

The question is to buy a rebuilt transmission, or a low mileage used transmission. I do not advise people. You can call 866-320-1182 and talk to an professional for advise. The experts at GotTransmissions.com know what questions to ask, and also spend as much time listening to you before any recommendation is made as to a used or rebuilt transmission for your Jaguar ZF.

Don’t forget, our customer service gets rave reviews. Great customer service makes all the difference in the world. Give us a shout. We have your Jaguar XF transmission for sale.

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