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Jeep Compass Transmissions for Sale

It’s difficult to imagine having a transmission failure on a Jeep Compass. Being introduced in 2007, it seems unlikely to have an transmission failure so soon. Yet, we get calls for Jeep Compass Transmissions for Sale on occasion, so GotTransmissions.com is prepared for such a situation. Call right now 866-320-1182 for super customer service.

The Jeep Compass is a compact crossover SUV, using a front engine- front wheel drive setup, more on this later. It’s important to note which setup Jeep used when one is considering such an important purchase.

The Compass is only available with two transmission choices. Nice and easy, an automatic transmission is available. It is not a conventional automatic transmission, we call it a CVT [continuously variable transmission], without getting too technical, there are a variety of different CVT setups, all achieve the same objective, to provide shiftless, smooth gear ratio changes using belts, drive wheels and constant pressure applied to the internal mechanisms at all times.

Having been on the market in really large construction equipment, lawn equipment [John Deere Hydrostatic drive] for some time now, ironically, it was more difficult to make a small version to operate in a smaller vehicle than building the huge models.

The 5 speed manual transmission is of conventional front wheel drive design, in a transverse mounting system. For those who want to know what a transverse mounting system is, it is where the engine and transmission are mounted sideways under the hood. A very popular method of use nowadays. Also available in four wheel drive too.

Sometimes, failures occur because of lack of maintenance, or perhaps a bad leak occurs, situations occur which are out of our control on occasion. For matters such as your transmission, don’t take them lightly, and make sure you buy the best replacement transmission available, not the cheapest. Cheap ain’t good and good ain’t cheap!

It’s a proven fact that buying the best replacement transmission is much more cost effective in the long run than cutting corners. Call right now and talk to a specialist, not only will you be surprised at how affordable our transmissions are, but you will enjoy our world class customer service. Call GotTransmissions.com right now.. 866-320-1182.

Every transmission we sell comes with pure value built right into it, and our peace of mind warranty. Let us provide the education you need to make a great decision. Call GotTransmissions.com right now.

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