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Jeep Transmissions For Sale

When the title says Jeep Transmissions For Sale, that is a bit vague. Jeep has been producing vehicles since 1941. In that frame of time Jeep experimented and used a variety of transmissions. None of which were actually manufactured by Jeep Corporation themselves. Borg Warner Corporation has produced Jeep transmissions from the beginning and continues to supply some of the Jeep manual transmissions.

Borg Warner also made most of the automatic transmissions. In the mid ’80’s B/W was supplanted by Toyota as one of the main automatic transmission suppliers. The funny thing is that lots of Toyota transmissions are manufactured by Aisin Warner (A/W), which is a subsidiary of B/W. So it’s a small world in a certain sense.

The latest transmissions Jeep has made good use of are Chrysler transmissions, the automatic overdrive units in particular. Without getting so involved in the details of every vehicle Jeep has produced (which might be impossible), including their biggest buyers, the Military Jeeps, it’s sufficient to say Jeep always had good taste in transmissions.

Some of the advise I can levy on you is that depending on what year and model Jeep you have, it may be necessary to buy a rebuilt transmission to satisfy your needs. Understanding that an old Military Jeep, or just an older model Jeep may be handicapped when it comes to locating good used transmissions, unless you buy a core for you to rebuild.

As you get into more modern Jeeps, for instance from the mid ’90’s, the odds jump exponentially in the odds of locating good used transmissions, if that is your choice. Of course, used transmissions have to meet our standards before we will sell them, we are not your everyday ”junk yard”.

What you need to know is how hard we work not to be just another ordinary recycling yard. Our standards, which are derived from the boss, are higher than our competitions, and we put ethics and morals above ”just making the sale”. We test every transmission that flows into here before it is crated up and ready to ship.

We work very hard to supply any sort of rebuilt or replacement transmissions for your Jeep. It’s seems like an easy recipe. We supply you with any amount of education you feel the need for, then present the products we have to suit your best interests. We also have the most efficient delivery service available, noting many people are in a bad spot and it costs big time without your wheels. Call Now.

PS. Know what JEEP stands for? Jumps Everything Except Payments!!

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