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Jeep Wrangler Sahara Used Gearbox

The new series of Jeep vehicles produced in America include the Freedom and Sahara trim models. What is special about these editions is not only the V6 3.6 engine blocks. Transmission upgrades have been performed to generate interest in new shifting options. A person can easily buy Jeep Wrangler Sahara used gearbox inventory by visiting this Got Transmissions portal.

The four-wheel drive possibility of Jeep vehicles does require a more advanced gearbox. Chrysler designed and helped test its 5 and 6-speed gearboxes that are used in Sahara Jeeps. These two different units do feature multiple electronic controls that do not exist in earlier V6 enabled Jeep vehicles.

Rock-Trac 4WD Jeep Transmissions Used

The beauty of the modern Jeep comes partly from the new ability to control shifting speed at different power levels. Jeep developed its Rock-Trac system as a part-time function to help more SUV owners take part in off-road activities. This 2WD option is a feature in the 5-speed transmission series. For the 6-speed version, a shifting on the fly control is available as part of the Command-Trac series.

Jeep has pioneered this strategy for shifting at different speeds to preserve the gearing mechanism. A lower gear ratio is supplied in the Sahara used transmissions featured on this page. An exact 3.73 ratio is supplied to improve gas mileage without interrupting the torque needed for on-road and off-road support.

Preowned Jeep Transmission with a Warranty

The Sahara is one of the builds that are promoted to purchasers of automotive components nationally on this website. Even though the original 5-speed automatic is based on the Mercedes design, coverage for a warranty is still supplied during the point of sale. This means that a person will actually be covered without the fear of a transmission slippage or solenoid failure after purchase.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping on the web for a used Jeep gearbox is the direct compatibility needed with the transfer case. Because each case and gearbox control the AWD and 2WD system, getting the right components and installing them professionally is important. Every purchaser who uses this Got Transmission website is covered for the majority of OEM parts degradation.

Used Sahara 5-Speed Transmissions for Sale

There is a simple to search inventory system that is offered to all visitors of this website to help showcase low prices. While some people continue to pay retail or MSRP pricing for a used gearbox, users of this portal are treated to wholesale style prices that include free shipments to U.S. addresses.

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