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Used 1999 Kia Sportage Transmissions for Sale

Kia Sportage Transmission

Used 1999 Kia Sportage Transmissions for Sale

Kia offered two standard transmission types for its Sportage during the first generation of production. This period lasted from 1993 to 2004 in the U.S. market. Because most of the motors were Mazda based, the transmissions were designed to work comfortably with four-cylinder motors. Got Transmissions is a national resource to find used 1999 Kia Sportage transmissions for sale with low prices online.

The base transmission in the Sportage is the four-speed automatic. These editions formed the based shifting pattern until the inclusion of the five-speed models. The standard units have been used in other vehicle brands by automakers as a way to test the compatibility. The Sportage gearbox is unique because it requires validated transmission fluid from Kia or licensed third parties.

Sportage Transmissions for Sale: Four-Speed or Five-Speed

The five-speed units that were started in 1995 were also used in the 1999 year. The manual option has been one of the selling points for Kia in the past two decades. The offering of stick shift editions in place of automatic builds is still common with import automakers. The four and five-speed units that are listed for sale in the shippable inventory at is inspected and ready for sale.

Part of the quality of a used transmissions does not come from the manufacturing process. The care that is put forth by car owners can do a lot to help to longevity of a gearbox. The units that are announced for public sale through this resource are evaluated builds. This means that a real person has verified mileage and quality prior to offering these preowned units for sale. This has improved the Kia gearbox quality.

How to Buy Used Kia Transmissions Online

A price quote is simple to request when viewing this website. An automated tool does all of the work involved with reviewing transmission prices. A request is put through the system that includes the 1999 year or other year needed. The make or model of Kia vehicles are selected and a complete price quote is displayed. This method is preferred by most online engine buyers.

A phone quote option is also part of the offerings at the Got Transmissions company. A real person always answers the calls and requests for information using the toll-free number supplied. It is necessary sometimes for a VIN number check to be completed before a price is given out. This can take place over the phone and takes seconds. All sale pricing is then provided to domestic callers.

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