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Kia Rio Transmission

Cheap Transmission for Sale

Kio Rio was created in the year 2000 and is a worldwide automobile. This vehicle is used in the U.S. as well as European and Asian countries. The Rio transmission is either a 4 or 5-speed. The manual is the 5-speed version and the automatic is a 4-speed. Finding a dealer that can provide the inventory you want as well as the price tag you demand can be challenging. If you’ve not shopped here before, Got Transmissions is one of the most respected names in the used and rebuilt parts industry. You won’t be disappointed here.

The Kia brand is part of the Hyundai group. This foreign manufacturer distributes its vehicles to the U.S. and Canadian markets. Finding replacement parts online can be difficult if you don’t know where to shop. Part of what we do for the customer network we service is takeaway the hard work. It is exhausting searching for import transmissions. We’ve already put the deals and contracts in place that help provide the best inventory. It is from this inventory our customers can access hard to find transmissions. We support the Kia brand here and will continue to offer these gearboxes to our customer network.

Kia Rio Transmission in Stock

Our process of locating and evaluating what is sold is pretty unique. Not all dealers, especially those online, are willing to take the additional quality control steps that we take. We pride our company on the strengths of our partnerships. This includes getting lower mileage 4-speed and 5-speed Kia transmissions for sale. Because we have great relationships, we start off with great used transmission assemblies. We take things farther by evaluating the condition upon arrival. It is from these mechanic evaluations that we discover the mileage as well as the operating condition. These are important for us and to our customers that might be buying a part for installation in someone’s vehicle.

When it comes to warranties, customers that choose us to be their transmission provider get coverage. We determine the length based on the low mileage and the age of the gearbox selected. This is many steps above what average online or offline sellers are willing to offer. Along with the warranty comes our free shipping. Because we know the expense to ship transmissions, we try to reduce the price for customers whenever possible. We’re currently one of few online dealers that offer free shipping for all in stock transmissions for sale. It is these types of customer incentives that we’re known for throughout the United States and Canada. This free shipping offer is only applicable to the 48 continental U.S. states.

Kia Rio Transmission Price Quotes

There is no waiting when you ask us for pricing. We send out the price of each Kia transmission in two ways. The first is a direct call to our automotive specialists. These experts set you up with a great price and explain all terms of sale. Online quotes are also instant from this very website. Choose the year, make and model you need and you’re immediately provided our lowest online price. It’s that easy.

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