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Kia Sephia Cheap Transmissions for Sale

Kia Sephia Cheap Used Transmission | Used Transmission

Kia Sephia was one of the first Kia passenger cars that were sold in the United States. These economical cars competed directly with major U.S. automakers and hundreds of thousands that were imported were besieged upon drivers. The Sephia used a 4 and 5-speed transmission. The 5-speed was a manual transmission. The same transmissions that were used in the U.S. based vehicles where the very ones used in Europe. We have Kia Sephia cheap transmissions for sale that are affordable for any size budget. We buy these from dealers at a lower price and do not raise the price much for sale. This is appreciated by our customers and one of the many things that does for our customers.

There are plenty of Kia dealerships that sell transmissions but none sell used. One of the values that you get with a used version is more than a fair price. When an OEM transmission gets installed, the life cycle is usually for 100,000 miles. Each gearbox that we purchase has well under that amount of mileage on it. You know immediately that these transmissions are broken in correctly and are not still subject to parts recalls. New auto parts are always streamline manufactured and could fail much faster. A used transmission is one that gives a lot of value for a reduced price.

Kia Sephia Cheap Transmissions for Sale

Cheap to us has nothing to do with the part quality. It’s just that our prices are among the cheapest currently out there online. We know that some sellers confuse the word cheap with garbage. You can rest assured that buying a cheap transmission here is definitely worth the small price tag we put on it. All of our gearboxes go through accuracy and performance tests. We never sell something that has not went through our controlled testing. Even on the second hard parts market, we still believe in offering the best quality for as little money as possible. We are transmission experts and know our stuff very well.

There are no problems attaching our Kia Sephia transmissions right to an engine connecting rod. You don’t have to worry about placement issues or something not fitting as intended. With transmissions, sometimes the rebuilder makes modifications to the case assembly. We don’t do that here. You are getting a genuine transmission from Kia just without the normal high price. We buy ours from importers and sell them low to you. We are smart when it comes to evaluating the condition. We always do spin tests and compression testing inside of our facility. We verify anything that we purchase and ensure everyone that orders a part knows they are getting quality.

Kia Sephia Cheap Transmissions for Sale Price Quote

The quote form that is programmed on our website is amazing. It produces pricing lighting fast. You ever wait to get the lowest price online. Just give our quote form the details that it requires. It does the rest. You can call 1-866-320-1182 and get phone help at any time. We are waiting to assist you with a Kia transmission today.

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