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Kia Sportage Replacement Transmission for Sale

Kia Sportage Transmissions for Sale

Kia Sportage Transmissions for Sale

The Kia Sportage is manufactured by the Korean Auto maker Kia Motors, introduced in 1993 to the US. The Sportage is an inexpensive mini-SUV compact crossover. Starting out it was a humble little car designed for fuel economy more than anything. Kia Sportage replacement transmissions for sale are priced at low everyday, no gimmicks.

Being a front wheel drive car all Sportages use a similar drive-line arrangement. Even the newest generation uses a modern version of the original setup. We call this arrangement a Transverse mounting system..

The premise of this particular mounting system is that the transmission and engine are bolted together and mounted sideways under the hood of the car. We call this an east to west mounting of the engine/transmission combo, in relation to the north to south axis of the car.

All of the Sportages were offered with a four wheel drive option. Which used a transfer case to distribute the power to the rear wheels also. Some people might know the term All Wheel Drive [AWD], a common term. Either way, the Sportage was not made for rugged off-roading, the AWD package was for snowy winter weather, where more traction means more safety.

Kia has offered both manual and automatic transmissions in the Sportage. Essentially they are what is termed a conventional transaxle assembly. What this means is that the transmissions components and differential components are located in the same case, so these two components can be in the same place under the hood, thus saving space and weight.

With that in mind, Kia offered 4, 5 and 6 speed automatic transmissions/transaxles and 4,5, and 6 speed manual transaxles for the Sportage. Sticking with a proven design has kept the repair costs down. Especially using a similar system for so long.

Kia has proven that they can design a reliable front wheel drive transmission through the test of time. Very few surpises wait for owners of said cars.

In the event of a transmission failure, especially in early Sportage models, we always recommend a rebuilt transmission. This simply a matter of cost to value. For the low cost of a remanufactured transmission, it’s hard to turn down when you consider our peace of mind warranty.

Every rebuilt transmission comes with pure value built into it. If you think a low mileage used transmission may be better suited for your budget, call right now and speak to a customer service rep who has the time and experience to guide you in the right direction. Call 866-320-1182 right now.

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