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Manual Transmissions for sale: Tremec 2009 TR6060 (MH3/MG9)..

Transmission Technologies Corporation is a manufacturer of automobile transmissions, better known for their TREMEC line of manual transmissions for sale. Some of the most famous TREMEC products were originally designed by Borg-Warner, including the widely-used T-56.

Both the Corvette ZR1 and the CTSv use the TR6060 designated as MH3 and MG9, respectively.  The MH3 is validated to 620 lb-ft of torque, while the MG9 is validated to 560 lb-ft of torque.

Design features include a combination of double-cone and triple-cone synchronizers on all gears. Commonly called  “World Class” series Synchronizers, they act like clutches to speed up or slow down a gear that is being shifted to. Double-cone synchronizers have two friction surfaces to effect this gear acceleration, and triple-cone synchronizers have three friction surfaces. The greater the friction surface, the easier the transmission is to shift. In addition, double-cone and triple-cone synchronizers are smaller in diameter than a single-cone synchronizer with the same friction area allowing the transmission to remain more compact. Bearings in place of bushings lower the friction of the shift rail movements for the Corvette and CTsv, making the shifter feel naturally lighter and more direct.

Refinements designed into all six-speed Tremec TR6060 transmissions include needle roller bearings on all forward gear-sets and 5th and 6th gear synchronizers located on a countershaft. The countershaft location of the 5th and 6th gear synchronizers allow those gears to be selected without affecting the 1st through 4th gearsets, all contributing to ease of shifting.

The Corvette ZR1 uses the MH3 version of the six-speed, with close ratios gears (narrowly separated ratios) developed for on-track use. The 2009 CTSv gets the new ratio set as compared to the previous generation CTSv.

Along with transmission upgrades in materials for the ZR1, a new main housing along with a new Right Hand Side cover were re-designed with high strength aluminum.  The ring and pinion are now single shot peen-ed.  Further upgrades were made in the Left Hand Side differential housing which is now made from billet steel.

Although the B/W T-56 is a durable high performance transmission, the newer Tremec TR6060 is a refined version, which matches up better with the new Corvettes overall technology. Recommended suggested maintenance: The 6-speed uses Texaco ATF Type III 1863 fluid and is certified “fill-for-life,” requiring no fluid changes. FTI: I don’t agree with the ” fill for life” maintenance method. If you don’t want to purchase a transmission for sale of this nature, change the fluid at least every 50,000 miles or earlier if you drive it hard. Trust me.

For more information concerning the availability of the Tremec TR6060 call the experts at @ 866-320-1182, and get the lowest quote on a replacement transmission. Guaranteed.

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