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Manual Transmission Gears Made Stronger..

Manual Transmissions Gears

Manual Transmissions Gears

Awesome. This is the way manual transmission gears and gears in general were made before mass production. The methods are similar, but nowadays we use CNC, computer numerically controlled equipment to get the job done faster and with consistent accuracy. This however is the way gears were made before CNC machining equipment came out. The lathe and milling machine remind me of the equipment I used in the 70’s to machine transmission parts non available back then. Other than the machinists using brass as a material, the process is sound. Don’t pay attention to the math side, enjoy.

I want to add that one can buy some really cheap transmission gears manufactured in China. The gears I’m speaking of very often are sand cast and then fine finished. Sand casting is not nearly as durable as forged metal parts. Factory gears, or any quality gear for that matter is a forged gear, that is finished out for use.

It is an unspoken truth with the transmission rebuilders we employ. The truth is we only employ rebuilders that only think of the best quality parts when rebuilding a transmission. The rebuilders who are looking for short cuts work at the other places. You can’t save money in the transmission business by using cheap parts or cutting corners.

I know you would not want open heart surgery from a doctor who used below average parts and had the lowest price in town, with a cash discount. It sounds crazy, but people generally don’t compromise when it comes to a doctor. You can see in the video that making a transmission gear is quite complicated, so why trust your transmission work to anything less than a total professional with a great reputation?

Now that you are becoming educated in the field of transmission work, the cheap rebuilt transmission turns out to be more expensive in the long run. Protect yourself from buying anything less than the best. Rely on the company that the professional shops use and large fleet companies trust. Call @ 866-320-1182 and find out how we can help you.

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