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Manual Transmission Problems

Manual transmission problems?

Manual transmission problems?

There is a die-hard group of people who swear by manual transmissions. Their belief, in part is that manual transmission problems seem to be less common and less expensive to fix than automatic transmissions. I think they are a bit out of date a have prejudice towards manual or standard transmissions.

Manual transmissions represent a small percentage of transmissions that come in cars and trucks from the factory. Sporty cars are more suitable for standard transmissions for the pure enjoyment of shifting while driving and the feel that goes with it. Although, all of the super sports cars like Porsche and BMW come with very high technology automatic shift transmissions that emulate the control a manual transmission can only provide, before the new breed of automatics arrived.

I don’t have the numbers to represent the percentage of manual transmissions with problems compared to automatic transmissions with problems, however, manual transmissions have a set of issues to deal with all their own.

Although most of the problems come from misuse in driving habits or lubrication issues. Since the group of people who abuse their standard transmissions is growing smaller largely due to the progress in spicing up an automatic transmission and less manuals being made, there are less problems, but I bet the ratio is higher than non-stick shift transmissions.

Abuse is obvious, making the tires spin upon take off and shifting hard or ”banging gears” as we called it, is a sure path to failure. The other issues that plague manual shift transmissions are smaller, yet no less expensive to fix, an old wives tale. In fact, the bottom line is a manual can be very expensive to rebuild if it needs plenty of expensive gears and shafts.

One other concern worth mentioning is lubrication. The days of conventional lubricants are coming to an end. The best lubricants made are synthetic lubricants. Simply put, they are more slippery and stand the heat and cold much better. Synthetics have been a standard” fill” from the factory for years.

When you have manual transmission problems, make sure you seek professional help. For rebuild service or repair service, only genuine factory parts from the factory are acceptable. Aftermarket parts cost less and don’t work as well or last as long. Which makes a cheap unit expensive. Buy with confidence, speak with the manual transmission problem solution experts at GotTransmissions.com and get a great value for your dollar.

Our primary goal is to help you avoid manual transmission problems. We have had a plenty of practice making sure we outfit you with a manual transmission that has value to you, and fits your needs perfectly. Quality is inexpensive compared to cheap, call us and find out why. ASAP Shipping is part of the deal too.

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