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Manual Transmissions, Nascar Style..

February 12th, 2010

Jerico Manual Transmissions

Jerico Manual Transmissions

Winning races demands preparation, durability and the performance to be in a winning position when it counts. Jerico’s WC4-4 Super Duty manual transmissions, the product of over 25 years of experience, research and brutal real-world testing provides the edge you need — and the peace of mind you want.
Jerico’s WC4-4 was designed from the ground up, not adapted from an existing flawed design. Jerry Hemmingson, founder of Jerico, and the hands-down leader in transmission innovation, took out a clean sheet of paper and designed the WC4-4 as he knew it should be.
Working within the dimensional limits of the rules, Jerry began by positioning the major components to eliminate misalignments found in nearly all previous designs. These small but crucial misalignments were responsible for binds, frictional losses and accelerated wear that reduced performance and initiated premature failures.
The mainshaft size was increased, virtually eliminating problematic flex. Top quality caged bearings were added throughout, including caged roller bearings on the thrust faces of all gears. Horsepower previously lost to inter-gear friction is now passed through to the rear wheels. A caged bearing was added at the rear of the input shaft to regain horsepower previously expended turning unused gears. Even the cluster gear rides effortlessly on two one-inch caged bearings.
The tailshaft is completely supported by a premium-caged bearing located in a CNC machined boss in the tailhousing. This additional feature prevents transmitting damaging movement and vibrations to the driveshaft and rear end.
The WC4-4 front bearing cover and throwout sleeve are CNC machined from billet steel for strength and accuracy. A large front bearing behind the cover helps withstand the rigors of racing and drivers launching the car from often uneven pits stalls.
All Jerico gears are machined from VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelt) steel, hot rolled specifically for Jerico. To absolutely ensure the finest quality steel, Jerico buys entire special runs directly from the mill. This represents a huge expense, but it is the only way to guarantee the finest quality material.
Each gear is extensively CNC machined to ultra-precise tolerances according to our straight cut design that has proven to be without peer in the market. When machining is completed, each gear is precisely heat treated, and then drawn back in our own ovens. Each batch of gears is subjected to multiple high-accuracy tests to assure proper hardness is attained.
Jerico’s dog and slider shifting system, another proprietary design, provides clean, smooth, positive shifts. Whether leaving pit road, grabbing a gear at Pocono, or negotiating a road course, Jerico’s proven dog and slider shifting mechanism is without any substantial competition.
The Jerico WC4-4 comes with an ultra-strong, lightweight case made from A206 aluminum allow, the strongest available. Though difficult to obtain and machine, Jerico Accepts no compromise.
Over 200 gear ratios are available, including overdrive to .85. Ratios can be ‘tuned’ as is necessary for leaving pit road or getting a jump on restarts. Whatever the track, Jerico can build a transmission for the job.
In today’s racing, there is no room for compromise. Your team demands the very best transmissions available — Jerico. For the highest durability with the least rotating weight, internal friction and horsepower loss, Jerico is the only way to go. Anything else is a compromise. GotTransmissions.com @ 1-888-344-8044

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